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Zack Underwood
Zack Danger Underwood trans
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Friends and Family
Eileen Underwood (mother)
Marcus Underwood (father)
Milo Murphy
Melissa Chase
Love interests:
Jackie (One Time)
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "Going the Extra Milo"
Voiced by:
Mekai Curtis (speaking voice)
Aaron Daniel Jacob (singing voice)

Zack Underwood is one of the main characters in Milo Murphy's Law, voiced by Mekai Curtis. He is the best friend of Milo Murphy and Melissa Chase.


Zack is the new kid in town and the voice of reason when things get out of hand. While the rest of the town is used to Milo, Zack is trying to enjoy the adventure of being Milo's best friend without getting destroyed. He wants to follow Milo because he wants a change from common life. In fact, he accepts going to school with Milo because his adventures are unique. (Going the Extra Milo)

He also wants to be safe enough though. In the episode Sunny Side Up, he has no problems on doing a science project with Milo, even knowing that it's extremely hard, but when they made it he didn't let Milo get near to make the project safe.

Maybe because he's new, he seems to not be fully aware of what Murphy's law can cause. He often often says that things couldn't go worse, or he thinks that is some case, nothing wrong can happen. Zack is also fairly self conscious about previously being part of The Lumberzacks, at times trying to conceal the fact from his friends while at others actually hoping to be recognized for the role.

Physical Appearance

Zack has brown skin and black hair. He wears a short-sleeved yellow shirt with a white long-sleeved shirt underneath, gray pants, and blue and white sneakers.


Early life

Prior to moving to Danville - or at least the area of it where he currently resides - Zack was the leader of the boy band The Lumberzacks, who gained some popularity from their song Chop Away at My Heart. Zack later left the band and came to be embarrassed by the fact of his membership in it, as described in Secrets and Pies. In Murphy's Lard it is revealed that, due to an incident on a boat ride with his parents, Zack has developed a crippling phobia of fish.

Meeting Milo

Zack first meets Milo in Going the Extra Milo when he is on his way to attend his first day of school, with the pair meeting at the bus stop. After seeing several other students - including Bradley Nicholson, Chad, and Melissa Chase - purposefully keep their distance from Milo, Zack questions the reasoning behind it and initially wonders if Milo is supposed to be a "tough guy." He soon learns that Milo is in fact the subject of ongoing mishaps due to Murphy's law, which Zack begins to experience as the two are forced to flee from a section of concrete pipe that has fallen off of a truck. The two are able to escape due to Milo's quick-thinking but are forced to chase the bus.

Zack and Milo endure several other calamities - an oil spill that catches fire, a pack of wolves, and a beehive that becomes stuck on the head of one of those wolves - as they continue their pursuit of their school bus. After they end up in the city sewers, Zack announces his intentions to go his own way, only to gain a new perspective on the unusual situation from Milo, who notes how much more exciting their morning has been than that of their classmates. The two are then caught in a flood caused by the absence of the pipe they escaped from previously, washed into a river, and then thrown off a cliff only to land on top of a flying saucer. However, as they are about to be apparently dissected by the aliens, Zack informs the extraterrestrials that they may become late for school, and the aliens then teleport the pair to their first period classroom just in time. The pair are elated but then realize that their lunches have been destroyed, only to discover that Melissa has taken care of the situation due to starting a betting pool in which the different students on the bus bet food on whether or not Zack and Milo would make it to school on time.

Further adventures

In Sunny Side Up Zack teams up with Milo and Melissa for a science project involving creating a device that will enable an egg to survive a long fall intact. They are eventually successful, though only after destroying an inordinate number of eggs, and Zack and Melissa take their last remaining egg and the device home with them. Zack then has a nightmare about the device being destroyed, but wakes up to find that it wasn't real; unfortunately, the egg is smashed before they can take part in the experiment. Fortunately, an egg Milo had put in his pocket earlier turns out to be intact, allowing them to test their device in front of the class. The device and the egg end up going through an insane amount of punishment after being hit by a delivery truck, but ultimately the egg lands safely-only to be eaten by Diogee after Zack's group is graded with an A.

In Rooting for the Enemy Zack has joined the Jefferson County Middle School Geckos football team, and pleads with Milo and Melissa to attend his first game, which Milo gets permission to do since Coach Nolan Mitchell is convinced that the team will lose.

In The Undergrounders, Zack and his friends become separated from their class while on a subway to the museum, and end up coming across a subterranean group known as the undergrounders.

In The Doctor Zone Files, Zack and Melissa are invited to a The Doctor Zone Files marathon by Milo and his sister Sara Murphy in anticipation of going to see the new Doctor Zone Files movie. Milo and Melissa, while questioning whether Time Ape is an ape with a clock for a head or a clock with the body of an ape, get into a dispute with some hardcore Doctor Zone fans. When the two hit upon the idea that Time Ape is actually Doctor Zone's brother, the fans are disgusted, but Zack and Melissa are later proven right.

In The Note, Zack and his friends attempt to recover the signature page from a bulk doctor's note for Milo, as otherwise he will have several unexcused absences and have to repeat seventh grade. After chasing the note through an office building, a parade and a recycling center, they get it but are stopped by Elliot, much to their annoyance. But he is soon be integrated, much to their shock and confusion.

In Party of Peril Zack and Melissa convince Milo's parents to throw him an actual birthday party as opposed to the limited affair he's had previously.

In Smooth Opera-tor he attends an opera for extra credit for Ms. White's class.

In World Without Milo Zack protests Elliot's rudeness to Milo; in the alternate timeline in which Milo no longer exists, he and Melissa have not met until they both encounter Elliot, who is the only one to remember Milo's existence.



Eileen and Marcus Underwood

Zack is shown to enjoy his parent's company. He smiled when he was with his mom on career day and helped his dad bring the Murphys' boat to sore when they to went fishing with Milo and Martin.


Milo Murphy

Since when Zack met Milo, they became friends. Sometimes Zack teases Milo copying his usual position. (As seen in the last seconds of Smooth Opera-tor.)

Melissa Chase

Like with Milo, he became good friends with Melissa through their mutual friendship with Milo (thought both seem closer to Milo). He gets along with her since the two are more level headed and rational and both cooperate with each other to finish a goal, such as when they both work hard to protect their project from Murphy's Law. Melissa tells Zack to loosen up while Zack tends to worry about Melissa's absent mindedness.

The Lumberzacks

Before Zack moved to Danville, he and his friends formed a lumberjack themed boy band. The five enjoyed their fame but he left them after a girl came between him and a band-mate. When he saw them again the band's new leader - Max - provoked a rivalry between them and his new band Just Getting Started. After they performed, they tried in vein to get Zack to rejoin.


Zack had a brief, crush on the attractive danger-loving girl. He was attracted to her for less then a day.

Mort Schaeffer

Zack is friendly with Mort. They are both on the Jefferson County Middle School football team and they are in a band together.


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  • In The Undergrounders, he appears to be claustrophobic, which is a fear of closed places; however he says he's just 'claustro-avoidant'.
  • He states he has a fear of fish.
    • Though he has a least conquered his fear of fish that aren't in a body of water, he goes fishing in Time Out.
  • His football jersey number is 19.
  • Like Ferb, he has separate voice actors for speaking and singing.
  • Zack being the voice of reason yet a best friend to a main character who is positive is similar to Gerald Johanssen from Hey Arnold! co-creator Dan Povenmire worked on Hey Arnold! before working on Milo Murphy's Law.
  • In Fungus Amount Us, he mentioned that he has at least two younger brothers.


Season 1

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