"You're the Best Remaining"
The best remaining ibx
Song by 80's band on the football field
Genre(s): Rock
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Milo Murphy's Law - The Best Remaining (song)

Milo Murphy's Law - The Best Remaining (song)

You're the Best Remaining is an 80's style rock montage heard over a flashback that Martin Murphy had of himself making the winning kick in a soccer game while he attended Milo's school. It was heard in the episode Athledecamathalon.


You're the best remaining
When everyone better has been eliminated
If you happen to be in the right place, at the right time
Remember your training
Because you may be the best
You may be the best remaining


  • This song is a homage to the song You're the Best Around heard during the torment montage in the 1984 hit film The Karate Kid.