Gender: Male
Friends and Family
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  The Note
Voiced by:
Jim Hanks

Wilson is a character who appears in The Note. He is an astronaut who likes hamburgers. He regrets giving his fellow astronaut Larry headphones, because he was listening to Chop Away at My Heart and not paying attention to Wilson, whom was running out of air in his spacesuit while outside their spaceship. This totally traumatized him, because when Milo's behavior causes him to remembers that episode, he starts to freak out. He calmed down after being assured he would get a hamburger.

He is voiced by Jim Hanks.


  • Wilson is likely a reference to the film, Apollo 13, as he is voiced by Jim Hanks, who is the brother of Tom Hanks (who starred in the film).
    • Wilson is also the name of the volleyball in a different Tom Hanks film, Cast Away.