Gender: Male
Age: Around 17
Friends and Family
Sara Murphy
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  The Doctor Zone Files
Voiced by:
Mitchel Musso

Wally is a fan of The Doctor Zone Files, often seen in the company of Kris.

Physical Appearance

Wally is a stocky teenager with blond hair and blue eyes. He wears a red shirt with an orange clock on the front. He wears olive green cargo pants and dark gray sneakers. He wears black bracelets on each wrist.


Like most Dr. Zone fans, he is obsessed with the franchise. Wally appears in the company of other top Dr. Zone fans and frowns upon non-fans.


In The Doctor Zone Files he is seen with Kris inline for the Doctor Zone movie. He is annoyed by Zack and Melissa's lack of knowledge on the franchise. He get annoying with them when Melissa comes up with a theory of Time Ape being Doctor Zone's brother. He is calmed down by Sara's speech and watches the film and cheers when Melissa's theory is true.

In The Wilder West he and the other Doctor Zone fans meet Sara at the Nowhere Desert Dude Ranch to confirm if it was the filming location of a Doctor Zone episode. They believe it is until they are shown an old race horse of the same name. They walk out on Sara disgusted, not knowing she was right.

In A Clockwork Origin Wally is seen at V-tech and abandons the company after the C.E.O. calls all his customers "mindless sheep".

In World Without Milo he is seen attending Jefferson County Middle School.

In Fungus Among Us he is one of the pistachions' prisoners at Lard World.



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