Vinnie Dakota
Vinnie portrait
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Professional Information
  Time Traveler
Friends and Family
Balthazar Cavendish
Milo Murphy
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "The Doctor Zone Files"
Voiced by:
Dan Povenmire

Vinnie Dakota is a recurring character in Milo Murphy's Law.

Vinnie is from the future, but dresses in a style from the 1970s and, along with partner Balthazar Cavendish, is one-half of a pair of time-traveling agents who are given seemingly inconsequential missions involving the protection of pistachios — apparently so that their boss in 2175 can have them. He and Cavendish served as the inspiration for the Dr. Zone television phenomenon.


Dakota is much more laid back than his partner, often enjoying simple pleasures while on missions or seeming to care more about incidental matters than their missions. He enjoys snacking and seems to be the opposite of Cavendish in many respects, often thinking that his partner is jumping to conclusions or taking things too seriously.

Despite being a time traveler, Dakota gets excited about things like seeing live animals at the zoo, and is willing to engage in off-the-wall behavior such as filling his pants with pistachios.

Also despite his goofy nature, he knows when to be serious. For example, when Milo accidentally came with him and Cavendish to 2175, he was very protective of Milo's well-being.

He is selfless, as he often saves Cavendish by going back in time.

Physical Appearance

Dakota has short, curly brown hair, brown sideburns, brown eyes, and an olive complexion.

He dresses in a style from the 1970's, wearing a red and yellow tracksuit and white sneakers. His tracksuit is zipped up halfway, revealing a white undershirt and a gold chain necklace. Finally, he wears a pair of orange and yellow shades, which go notably unremoved, even in costume or old age.


Aside from the opening credits, he first appears in The Doctor Zone Files giving pistachios to Milo and Sara at the Doctor Zone Files movie premiere. He is also aware of his surroundings, as when Balthazar told him not to talk to the customers, only for Vinnie to remind that he was just talking to Balthazar instead of the customers; he even pointed out that he had nothing to do with their pistachio stand blowing sky high after Balthazar accuses him of sabotaging it, as Balthazar accidentally spilled some ingredients that jammed the broiler in the first place. They disappeared after the stand blew up.

In The Note he and Cavendish are selling pistachios during the parade.

In Party of Peril he and Cavendish are chasing a flaming pistachio cart.

In Smooth Opera-tor, the duo made an attempt to protect the pistachios at the opera house by tying up the guy who usually works the concessions stand and leaving him under the stage. He compared the ascot Cavendish was wearing to a lobster bib before Milo came to buy some pistachios. Then they tried to convince him to get a gummy bear instead, but he wasn't interested. They were forced to comply but struggled to even dispense them. Vinnie managed to release it by accident with his foot and because of Murphy's Law, the other dispensers flooded the floor with pistachios ruining their mission.

In Worked Day, Dakota was shown being fascinated by a lava lamp in the window of a pawn shop. Throughout the episode, he constantly tries to get Cavendish to agree on where to go for lunch while trying to complete their mission of transporting a pistachio truck to its designated warehouse. Upon seeing Cavendish drive them to a steak sandwich restaurant, he pointed out they were on the wrong B Street. While passing the hospital, their truck was pulled in due to the magnetic pull which stopped the device causing it. Dakota then decided on having hospital food, annoying Cavendish.

The duo were briefly seen in The Wilder West, manning a pistachio cart in front of the outlet mall.

Dakota and Cavendish have a brief appearance in Family Vacation when Milo and the Brulee family crash into the building they are currently in. Cavendish blames the accident on Dakota, chalking it up to "that attitude".

In Murphy's Lard, the duo is seen zapping into existence right by a pistachio stand in Lard World and pretending to be pistachio stand inspectors sent from "corporate". They went on to question the teenager working at the pistachio stand, called Henry, about the stands capabilities to withstand a flaming pig attack. Cavendish spends the episode setting up a globe shaped defense mechanism around the stand while Dakota eats pistachios and practices different instruments, such as a harmonica, a theremin, and a clarinet. When they manage to successfully stop a flaming pig-shaped ride cart from crashing into the stand, Cavendish begins take down the safety precautions around the pistachios. Just as the duo is about to leave the flaming pig-shaped cart is again flung towards the pistachio stand, this time crashing into it and destroying the pistachios within it; at Cavendish's request that Dakota "play him out" he takes up his clarinet and accompanies Henry on a banjo, playing while Cavendish walks away. The duo is seen shortly in Secrets and Pies trying to stop pistachios from leaking out from a silo. When Veronica drives past them with Milo's pizza, the silo begins to leak even more and eventually bursts, causing a pistachio tsunami.

In The Substitute the pair are transporting a futuristic fertilizer to a pistachio sapling by Milo's school only for their Quantum Localizer to land them in a science class closet before running out of power. The fertilizer ends up mixing with another chemical to become a sentient blob, which grabs the pair and throws them out into the hallway.

In Time Out Dakota and Balthazar end up bothering Brick and Savannah, fellow time travel agents, where it is mentioned he and Balthazar are both dressed in clothes "from the '70s" — 1870s and 1970s, respectively. Dakota also claims that he joined the time travel agency to prevent the "Mississippi Purchase"; when Balthazar questions whether he means the Louisiana Purchase, Dakota responds "You're welcome!"

In We're Going to the Zoo, he and Cavendish are assigned to safeguard pistachios at the zoo, which excites him. While there, he tries to talk Cavendish out of Milo being a counter agent. They make a wager where if Milo appears, the loser will fill their pants with pistachios and dance to We're Going to the Zoo accompanied by the winner. Soon after the pistachio cart they are guarding is knocked away by a woman fleeing from a giraffe stampede. The cart spills over and the giraffes eat the pistachios. Cavendish sees Milo and Dakota keeps his end of the wager while squirrels fill his pants to get at the pistachios.

In School Dance he and Cavendish are assigned to a pistachio farm, but he is dragged by Cavendish to Jefferson County Middle School instead to observe Milo. The pair are mistaken by Chad for vampire hunters out to kill Kyle Drako. They leave after Milo restores power and are stopped by Zack, Melissa, and Chad before they leave. The bump into Mr. Drako before leaving. He and Cavendish are scolded by Mr. Block for completely ignoring their mission.

Dakota appears again in The Little Engine That Couldn't, where he and Balthazar are assigned to transport two boxes of pistachios using their new vehicle, a tandem bike. Balthazar looks on this as yet another case of being demeaned by his superiors, but is distracted when the bike and pistachios are crushed by a runaway antique fire engine carrying Milo Murphy. Determined to find out who Milo is working for — since he is unaware that Milo isn't working for anyone — he drags Dakota in pursuit of Milo. They briefly interact with Milo and witness him saving a number of cats sent flying by the engine, and Dakota catches one that resembles Balthazar. The cat also demonstrates the tendency to mock him, both before and after the pair are thrown from the engine into a nearby pond.

In The Llama Incident, he and Cavendish are loading a vat of pistachio gelatin. It gets out when a giant donut falls on the canester and it covers a middle school girl and causes her to be chased by llamas to a middle school football game.

In Missing Milo, Milo gets swept up into their latest pistachio mission and helps to save the future. Specifically their headquarters' home time period of 2175. Also, Vinnie is the one who unleashed all the clocks seen in the Time Stream, foreshadowed earlier in the episode by discussion of not knowing why they were there, but it was thought someone did it as a joke. He gleefully later proclaimed, "I was the joker." The three met up with Milo's sister and friends, and they defeated the Pistachions. They tell their story to Mr. Block, who does not believe them, and return the totaled time limo to Brick and Savannah.

In Star Struck, Tobias Trollhammer sees him and Balthazar on a runaway pistachio cart and thinks he is seeing a two-headed monster.

In Perchance to Sleepwalk, he and Cavendish realize that they are the only time travelers aware of the Pistachion timeline and decide that they must not save pistachios from extinction if they are to prevent it from occurring again. To that end, Dakota suggests a "ditch day" in which they ignore their assigned mission to protect wild pistachio plants from red-beaked crows. However, they end up inadvertently luring the crows from their flight to the pistachios when they stop for dinner, and in using food to lure them to the pistachio plants leave them too stuffed to destroy the nuts, forcing Dakota and Cavendish to do so themselves. After being caught destroying the nuts and reported to Mr. Block, they are relegated to cleaning outhouses in the Renaissance while Brick and Savannah are demoted to their pistachio-guarding job.

In Backward to School Night, he accidentally turns himself into a toddler with a futuristic device he stole from Brick and Savannah. The device also ends up turning Martin Murphy, Mr. Chase, Eileen Underwood, and Ms. Murawski into toddlers, but they are all eventually returned to normal after Cavendish repairs the device.

In World Without Milo, he and Cavendish introduce themselves to Elliot Decker and admit that the alternate timeline in which Milo doesn't exist is a result of them traveling back in time. He's also ignorant as to how it is that talking squirrels exist in this reality, and vaguely supposes that Elliot's lead-lined stop sign might have enabled him to retain his memories of the original time line. Later, when Elliot awakens in another alternate reality that has five Milos, Dakota appears with Cavendish to assure him that they'll fix it.

In The Race, he and Cavendish are seen in their car as Milo runs past them during the race for runts race and quickly greet each other. Then Murphy's Law sends the duo back in time to the era of Sheriff Murphy — 1875. As they soon discover, the entire town is completely populated by stranded time-travelers who just stopped trying to return to their own time (and Sheriff Murphy, possibly the only one in town from that time period). While he and Cavendish can agree saying 'reckon' is far too much fun, they refuse to give up and doom the future to a pistachio-themed demise. Dakota realizes they can jury-rig a way to start their own time machine using parts from those from the time machines, then that they can just start their own by picking up enough speed. They finally manage to start the engine as they plummet off a cliff, and they arrive back in the modern day. They appear in mid-air, without steering, so they crash into the finish line for the race before Milo can cross it, dragging it behind them as they careen wildly out of view. (They also happily destroy Brick and Savannah's pistachio cart.)

In Love Toboggan, he and Cavendish see Milo and company fly out of the sewer on a jet-propelled toboggan.

In The Island of Lost Dakotas, he saves Cavendish's life, again, and has his past self go to an island populated by dozens of himself.

In Fungus Among Us,while trying to get mustard off the steering wheel, he inadvertently saved Milo and his friends when they are falling out of the sky. A message from him appears on Milo's phone telling the five about an intern in 1965. He, Cavendish and Milo head back to 1965 and inspire Orton Mahlson to create Doctor Zone. During the filming of the pilot a pistachion named Derek and his minions reveal their plan to replace humanity with themselves. He, Cavendish, Milo and Orton get into the time stream and make it to Milo's time two weeks later. They realize that Derek's plan has been put into motion and follow them to their headquarters. The four meet up with Milo's dog and escape into the sewers to find Professor Time, but run into Heinz Doofenshmirtz.

In Milo Murphy's Halloween Scream-a-Torium! he and Cavendish go trick-or-treating on the last Halloween and learn about the holiday. He finds a time grenade, a device that could erase time, and Cavendish tells him to keep it somewhere safe. He then loses track of it and realizes he is the one who erased Halloween. They track down the time grenade and save October 31 and inadvertently cause February 29 to happen only every four years, creating leap years.

In A Christmas Peril in 2195 he is a well known pop star and no longer friends with Cavendish after getting in a fight over an egg roll. He goes back twenty years to the Time Bureau holiday party, not knowing Cavendish had the same idea. His first attempt to get them away from the buffet fails, his second attempt with a velociraptor fails, and his third attempt with Hamasaur failed. He then teams up with Cavendish to destroy the party to stop the falling out. They use battle suits, velociraptors, aliens in Santa suits and a pirate ship to no avail. They then speak with their past selves and get them to make up after seeing all the effort their future selves went trough to stop the fight. The future Cavendishes and Dakotas vanish and they go to Milo's time for egg rolls. In a revamped 2195 he and Cavendish are at a book signing for their shared memoir, the two cherish their friendship.


Balthazar Cavendish

Main Article: Cavendish and Dakota's Relationship

Dakota and his partner are polar opposites of each other. Their clashing personalities sometimes get in the way of missions. However, he shows that he cares more than anything about Cavendish's well-being, having gone back in time to stop him from dying multiple times, and sending his past selves to an island.

Milo Murphy

Main Article: Dakota and Milo's Relationship

Dakota is friends with Milo. He was the first to notice that Milo's presence seemed to coincide with the failure of their missions ("Time Out"), but unlike Cavendish, did not jump to conclusions. He continued to be friendly in spite of his partner's disdain for the boy ("The Little Engine That Couldn't"). After the three of them worked together to destroy King Pistachion, he's come to admire Milo's intuition and courage.

Mr. Block

While Mr. Block may hold a little less contempt for Dakota then he does Cavendish ("We're Going to the Zoo"), he treats him just as badly and makes it clear that he considers them completely incompetent. Dakota tends to treat his boss as though they're on good terms in spite of this ("School Dance", "Missing Milo").

After saving the world from King Pistachion, however, Dakota's come to resent the way Mr. Block treats them. While aware of the fact that Mr. Block has no memory of the Pistachion dominated timeline they prevented, he feels it's unfair that they don't get a little more credit for their efforts ("Perchance to Sleepwalk").

Brick and Savannah

He takes Brick and Savannah's disrespectful treatment in stride, largely ignoring it in favor of being friendly to them. While he once flirted with Savannah, getting promptly rejected, he tends to ignore Brick ("Time Out"). Now, alongside Cavendish, he spends their time plotting methods of ruining the first class agents pistachio-based missions any way they can ("The Race").

Dakota has stolen from Brick and Savannah on numerous occasions, and while they seem to know it's him taking their stuff, he always gets away with it ("Backward to School Night", "Milo Murphy's Halloween Scream-a-Torium!").


Balthazar and Vinnie
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Memorable Quotes

  • A soccer mom, a slight wind, a potted plant maybe.
  • And who would throw one away? Oh quick, take cover.
  • We're going to the zoo! We're going to the zoo! And then we're gonna see some animals!
  • You told me not to tell you.
  • Big trouble! 1965!
  • Hey, you're finally in style.


  • He is voiced by Dan Povenmire, one of the show's creators.[1]
  • The voice of Vinnie Dakota is similar to the voice of Hobo Dan in the Phineas and Ferb episode, What A Croc! who Dan Povenmire also voiced.
  • Vinnie is short for Vincent.
  • His mother's maiden name is Drowssap.
  • Vinnie can play the harmonica, the clarinet and the theremin.
  • Like his partner, Dakota is scarcely referred to by his first name.
  • Despite Cavendish usually having to lead the pair on assignments, he's shown to be more competent in other matters.



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