Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Friends and Family
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "Secrets and Pies"
Voiced by:
Danica McKellar
Milo: Veronica was my last babysitter

Veronica: Last babysitter standing!

Milo Murphy and Veronica

Physical Appearance

Veronica is a slender woman with slightly pale pink skin and freckles. She has full, long, blond hair that she wears in medium length waves on the sides and in a long ponytail in back. Her eyes are blue.

During her job as a pizza squire she wears a dark green bodice with gold lacing over a white short-sleeved tunic, brown/violet leggings under purple faulds fastened with a black waistband. Her accessories are black gloves, black knee-high boots, and a silver helmet with a green feather on top. Veronica also carries a broadsword kept in a dark brown scabbard.

When she was in grade school she wore tan sneakers with light blue laces, tan capris, and a light blue t-shirt. Also, she wore her hair in a slightly shorter ponytail.


Veronica is cheerful, confident, energetic, quick thinking and courageous to a fault.


Veronica has only appeared in Secrets and Pies so far. She is a pizza delivery girl, and is described as Milo's "last babysitter standing". She was the only one who proved capable of caring for Milo Murphy, despite the misfortunes surrounding him. This is credited to her being smart enough, resourceful enough, and carrying a backpack which contains various countermeasures. She passed her backpack on to Milo, which is now seen as Milo's backpack. Later, she became a pizza squire at Ye Olde Pizza and was introduced to Milo's other friends, Melissa Chase and Zack Underwood, when she delivered a pizza to them. Veronica ended up being the reason Milo and Melissa found out about Zack's past in The Lumberzacks, of which she was a big fan of.


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  • She will reappear in Season 2, as confirmed in a tweet.