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The Time Bureau is an agency that appears to manipulate the space-time continuum to maintain it's own idea of what is correct. Not much has been revealed about it beyond who it employs and some of the equipment fielded.

Known Members


Time Limo

83 the car arrives

The time limo is used by Brick and Savannah. In Time Out it was controlled by Lars but Brick and Savannah seemed to drive it themselves in Missing Milo before Cavendish and Dakota steal it, as Lars doesn't appear or get mentioned. Brick's comments in Time Out indicate that it might be the standard time vehicle used by time travellers of their class. The time limo Cavendish and Dakota stole from Brick and Savannah was ultimately destroyed by Pistachions.

The Limo had the front seats separated from the rest of the limo by a retractable window. The controls are different to that of Cavendish and Dakota's time vehicle. The back has seats along the side of each wall and a fish tank at the back. In the boot Brick and Savannah had many disguises for different time periods. The boot also housed a rocket that would probably be used to propel the car forward at great speed. On the back it had a time collector that allowed it to locate it's destination time.

Appearances: "Time Out", "Missing Milo"

Cavendish and Dakota's Time Vehicle

86 different

The time vehicle Cavendish and Dakota are given for their assignments. It crashed into a building at Milo's school as they exited the time vortex and became unable to travel through time.

Appearances: "Time Out", "Missing Milo"

Tandem Bike


This vehicle was assigned to Cavendish and Dakota to transport their pistachios but was destroyed along with their cargo by a run away firetruck that Milo Murphy was ridding. The two use the badly damaged bike to slowly and awkwardly pursue Milo, eventually ditching it when it falls to pieces beneath them.

Appearances: "The Little Engine That Couldn't"

King Pistachion's Time Machine

King Pistachion's Time Machine

This time vehicle was commandeered by King Pistachion and his Pistachion army. He used it to hunt Milo, Cavendish and Dakota through time to try and prevent their attempts to stop his rise to power. It vanished in the present when past King Pistachion was killed as it was never used by him in the first place.

Appearances: "Missing Milo"

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