Time Ape
Screenshot (3568)
Gender: Male
Nemesis: Trashcandroids
Friends and Family
unnamed mother
Doctor Zone (brother)
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "Rooting for the Enemy"
Last Appearance:
  "A Christmas Peril"
Voiced by:
Sophie Winkleman
Time Ape plays himself in The Doctor Zone Files. In the show he is Doctor Zone's sidekick. He was revealed to also be his brother at the end of the film The Doctor Zone Files The Movie Files.


He appears as an ape with a clock for a head, or a clock with an ape's body.

He was originally an ape with a clock for a head or a clock with an ape's body before his and Doctor Zone's home planet imploded. He fell into the space-time continuum, becoming a trans-chronological being represented as a continuously changing blob with lots of eyes. Because normal people's minds cannot comprehend that form, their heads would explode by just looking at it.



Screenshot (3510)
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