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The Undergrounders
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  "The Undergrounders"

The Undergrounders are a group of railway track workers who, after they got lost, formed a new society. The named members of the group include a pipe-fitter named Scott, a pipe-maker, and Dave, the leader. The primary member is just credited as "Foreman".

Foreman is voiced by John Hodgman, and Scott is voiced by Scott Peterson.


In The Undergrounders, Diogee helps them find a way back above town.

In Worked Day, Scott asks who stole his door.

In Athledecamathalon, Scott decides to attend the decathlons.

In Battle of the Bands, Scott enters the event with a new group of Undergrounders.

In Love Toboggan, Milo and co. greet Scott while he is "landscaping" the sewer.


49 Scott and the Undergrounders
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  • After the events of The Undergrounders, Scott is now all alone in Subteranis, so he made a friend out of a milk carton he named Mildred.
  • Their main food source is rats.
  • Scott talks weird.