Zack: Uh oh. We got a substitute.

Milo: What's wrong with a substitute?

Zack: Nothing per say. It all depends on what you get. You got your try-too-hards.

Ms. Baxter: I'm Ms. Baxter, your substitute teacher. But can I really call myself a teacher? Will I be able to teach you in this brief interval where our live overlap? And it I did how would I ever know?

Zack: Oh. I for got the third one, the discouraged burn-out.

Melissa: Nice likeness.

Zack: Thanks.

Milo: You know... I never thought about this, but being a substitute must be hard. Maybe if I...?

Melissa: Careful Milo. Remember what happen the last time you "maybe-if-I"-ed? They have to call the national guard.

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