The Show Must Go On is a song featured in the episode Smooth Opera-tor.


Milo: I'm over here! (Comes nearer to the singer)

Mezzo Soprano: You're shorter than I remember

Milo: It's the physique that I was cursed with

Mezzo Soprano: I'll admit that I'm confused

You're not the one that I rehearsed with

I think we've gone off book

Now I believe the scene we're botching

Milo: But I feel we should go on

Because there's all these people watching


Mezzo Soprano: So I guess that you're a baritone

And now we have to fight

I'm a Mezzo-soprano, and it all ends tonight

Milo: Actually, you sing between a tenor and a bass

And that makes you a baritone

Your hostility's misplaced

Mezzo Soprano: Say what?

Milo: Mezzo-soprano is your family name

But you all sing in baritone

That makes you all the same

Mezzo Soprano: Wait a minute

Mezzo-soprano is a family name

But we all sing in baritone

That makes us all the same

You're right!

Everyone: Mezzo-soprano is our family name

But we all sing in baritone

That makes us all the same

We are all baritones

Milo: Diogee, go home! (In the same moment Milo sings this, Mezzo Soprano sings another line. Please add it.)

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