Melissa: There it is, the temple of forgotten math books.

Zack: You mean school? Where you always forget your books.

Milo: It does start looking creepier as the sun goes down.

Melissa: I hope Ms. Kamilechek's room isn't locked.

Milo: We might need the great key keeper to get inside.

Zack: Who?

Melissa: Fred the janitor, also known as "the key keeper" because he has a lot of keys.

Milo: He's a wise and mysterious force who guides us on quests towards enlightenment.

Zack: The janitor at my old school just yelled at us and called us slobs.

Melissa: Okay do you want a quest or not? Because there is a bench right there with your name in it, literally, in a heart. By the way, I think that girl, Crystal, likes you.

Zack: Wait, which one's Crystal?

Melissa: The one that likes you, apparently.

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