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The Doctor Zone Files, more properly The Doctor Zone Files: The Next Regeneration is the latest incarnation of the Dr. Zone franchise within Milo Murphy's Law. Previous incarnations include The Zone, Doctor Zone, Professor Zone, and Adjunct Faculty Member Zone; the latter "only lasted a semester."




Orton Mahlson as DR.HANKR ZONE

Miguel Boddicker as ARKTROPOLIS

Watcha Willingmast as CLEOPATRA ZERO

Marlon Garter as ZARNALLION

and TIME APE as Himself

Billy as Willy

Ephram Tang as CERE-BROID #1

Bob Treeface as CERE-BROID #2

Wilber Oldentask as WONDER LLAMA

ASSOCIATE PRODUCER Scottielle Bernolsonuett

MUSIC Poven McPovenPoven

ART DIRECTOR Edgar "Cheese" Danish

DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Wooly "Mammoth" Elephant


CASTING Charlton Easton

SOUND Chimp Aerobics

EDITOR Lianne Harding

COLOR Wang Doodle Dandy

TITLES Ebulent Escargo

DIRECTED by Rob Browen

EDITOR Joseway Prunet

filmed at Balsawood Studios, Inc.


  • The series is obviously inspired by Doctor Who, though with a few key differences:
    • Like Doctor Who, Doctor Zone is described as having existed for 50 years (though Doctor Who has now existed for closer to 54), but Dr. Zone is depicted as having only been portrayed by a single actor, Orton Mahlson, for the entire fifty year run of Dr. Zone. The Doctor from Doctor Who has been played by thirteen different actors to date, not counting stand-ins for actors who had passed away prior to their incarnation of the Doctor making a return guest appearance.
    • Dr. Zone, like the Doctor, is described as a time-traveling alien from another planet; however, while the Doctor merely left his home planet of Gallifrey, Dr. Zone was sent away from his home planet as an infant before it imploded in similar fashion to the origin story of Superman.
    • Both series feature a time-traveling vehicle; however, while the Doctor employs the TARDIS, which has the outward appearance of a 1960s British Police box, Dr. Zone employs the Time Bee-icle. This craft resembles a car with bee-like features; as a yellow car it may be an homage to Bessie, an automobile commonly used by the third incarnation of the Doctor played by Jon Pertwee.
  • The name of the current incarnation of the Doctor Zone series actually pays homage to/parodies three different science fiction franchises: Doctor Who, Star Trek (specifically The Next Generation), and The X-Files.

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