Teacher Feature
Season: 2
Production code:
Broadcast order: 39
Written by:
Scott Peterson
Storyboards by:
James Kim
Directed by:
Bob Bowen
Broadcast Information
U.S. Premiere:
January 12, 2019
International Premieres:
see below
Paired with
Snow Way Out
Well, I guess you can put a suit on an Undergrounder, but that doesn't make him a desk.

Zack Underwood

Teacher Feature is the third episode of the second season of Milo Murphy's Law.


The kids prepare Scott the Undergrounder to go on a date with Miss Murawski.


Scott and Mildred, his milk carton, are enjoying life together in Subterranus until she is taken away by the garb man, leaving Scott in a depressed state. Meanwhile at Jefferson County Middle School, Milo and his friends are performing a chemistry safety demonstration when they spill chemicals on the floor, melting a hole in the ground and causing Ms. Murawski’s desk to fall through the hole with the teacher along with it. She is saved from arat attack by Scott and brings her and her desk out of the sewers, Ms. Murawski thanks him and asks Scott to dinner the following night and he accepts. Ms. Murawski ends class early and Milo, Zack and Melissa help Scott prepare for his date.

The three spend the day helping him prepare to little success and eventually just clean him up and decide to tag along to ensure he acts normal. Milo takes the two to a restaurant where Zack stays under their table to help Scott not act like his usual self. They then go to a movie which caves in due to Murphy's Law and traps some movie goers. Scott’s helps free them and gets them out safely. Ms. Murawski feels that Scott is brave but “a wacko”. They leave on good turns and Scott returns to Subteranus with a new girlfriend, an orange juice jug, only find out Mildred to return, much to his shock and awkwardness.


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  • The movies showing at Cinema 6 at the Danville Mall during Scott and Ms. Murawski's date include Vaguely European, Winter Love, Lost in Landis, Drop the Hammer, Sheep, and Quarter Mile.
  • Scott says "I'm already ready already" which is similar to Milo saying "it's already ready already" in "Secrets and Pies".


  • Creature Feature - The episode’s title is a play on the movie saying used to describe a horror movie.


  • When Zack is climbing down on the ladder his pants are dark black instead of their light blue.


International Airings

  • Germany / Spain: September 11, 2018
  • UK: September 12 , 2018
  • India: November 5, 2018
  • Japan: December 16, 2018


Snow Way Out
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