"I Need a Little TLC"
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Milo Murphy's Law " I need a little TLC "01:17

Milo Murphy's Law " I need a little TLC "

I Need a Little TLC is the song performed by Chrissie Fit [1] in the episode School Dance. When the Niagara Falls themed school dance starts to come apart, Amanda falls into despair as all her hard work appears to be ruined. The song plays as Milo not just puts her decorations back in order, but improves them.


I'm not despairing,
But maybe we can start repairing
With a little tender love and caring
That would really hit the spot

'Cause you know I'm not pretending (Pretending)
That I am not in a need of mending (Mending)
If I'm not broken then I'm bending (Bending)

And I'm feeling brittle
I need a little TLC, (Just a little TLC)
I need a little TLC, (Just a little TLC)
Just  a little TLC (Just a little TLC)
I'm feeling brittle
And I need a little TLC

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