Some Like it Yacht
Production code: 117a
Broadcast order: 28
Written by:
Jim Bernstein
Storyboards by:
Chris Ybarra
Directed by:
Robert F. Hughes
Broadcast Information
U.S. Premiere:
September 27th, 2017
International Premieres:
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Paired with
"Backward to School Night"
Okay, kids. This is it: the reason there's no school lunch program and the reason you have to bring your own toilet paper to school. I give you the school board's very own yacht, the Indulgence.

Principal Milder

Some Like it Yacht is the 28th episode in the first season of Milo Murphy's Law. It aired on September 27, 2017.

Episode Synopsis

The students take a trip on the school yacht.


Jefferson County Middle School students and faculty go on the school board's yacht, the S.S. Indulgence, for educational purposes. During the trip, Milo, Zack, Mort, and Bradley stumble upon the ship's galley and help themselves to its sweets. After Coach Mitchell gets in a struggle with a pelican, the ship is wrecked on an island and the faculty with the exception of Mr. Drako go feral.

The students and Mr. Drako patch up the yacht with food from the galley and, with the arrival of Diogee,  find out about a semi-centennial high-tide that could send them back to town. After Milo and his friends get the feral teachers back on board just in time for the tidal wave, they are brought back to Danville with the yacht winning a surfing competition via loophole. The prize was a check for enough money to fix the yacht with two dollars to spare.


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  • In some scenes, S.S. Indulgence has anchors, but in others it doesn't.
  • When the pelican flies onto the bridge, the window it goes through opens inward (which is by itself an error; forward windows always open outward) and closes again. In the next scene, the window is opened outward.
  • After the feral faculty follow Diogee back into the boat, Diogee is suddenly missing and isn't seen again through the rest of the episode.


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