Milo: I have a secret.

Zack: Milo, that's not how secrets work.

Melissa: First you have to hint that you have a secret. Then you have to wait for someone to ask.

Zack: So what's your secret?

Melissa: Like that.

Milo: I've been taking cooking classes at the local community college, at least I was til the ovens blew up. But I learned a lot. So I'm going to cook dinner for you tonight!

Melissa: Milo and open flame? That's a recipe for some running and screaming.

Zack: What if we just order out? They can probably deliver right to the hospital where we'll be later.

Milo: Come on Guys, I got this.

Melissa: Wrong chapeau, chef de cuisine.

Milo: Oops. I had this silly thing set for sleuthing.

Her it goes. First thing, open the box. Next, add dried noodles to boiling water

Melissa: He's boiling water.

Zack: I know. Wait a second, it looks like he knows what he's doing.

You wear your backpack while you cook?

Milo: I wear it everywhere.

Zack: Everywhere?

Milo: Well, except for backpacking, I have a different backpack for that.

Zack: So, Chef Milo, what's your secret ingredient?

Milo: It's a secret. I don't want to ruin the surprise.

Melissa: What if it's not a secret and we can prepare for it instead?

Milo: Too late, it's already ready already. Here you go, mac and cheese.

Zack: Wow. Impressive.

Milo: Uh oh. Too much yeast.

Zack: Yeast in mac and cheese?

Melissa: I guess we know the secret ingredient.

Milo: Surprise!

Zack: It's in my nose.

Milo: Are you guys okay?

Melissa: Yeah. Like this is the first time we've ever been covered in cheese and stuck to a wall.

Zack: Thanks for letting us borrow a change of clothes.

Milo: Is that what I look like?

Melissa: If you were two people, and one of you was a girl.

Zack: You know this outfit makes me feel happy.

Melissa: Really?

Zack: Yeah there was a dollar in the pocket.

Melissa: Well I think we look like a boy band.

Zack: No, we don't. We defiantly don't look like a boy band.

Milo: Um, what have you got against boy bands?

Zack: Nothing. It's just two words. Band. Boy. Boy band. Ha Ha. Who's hungry? Come on, let's go order some pizza.

Melissa: Okay.

Zack: Luckily there's a place nearby. Ye Olde Pizza. How does British pizza sound?

Melissa: Slightly stand-offish but lovable.

Milo: Never had much luck with pizza deliveries at our house. If it shows up at all, it's usually on fire.

Zack: Let's give it a try anyway. It says it's guaranteed.

Ye Olde Pizza, when you're tired of bangers and mash (but we've got that too!) Guaranteed delivery in one one-thousandth of a fortnight.

Zack: One one-thousandth of a fortnight?

Melissa: Twenty minutes and change.

Please wait until we connect you to your helpful pizza squire.

Veronica: Hello hello hello. Ye Olde Pizza. Milo? I don't believe it. Is that you?

Milo: Veronica? How long have you been a pizza squire? I haven't seen you in like, three-hundred fortnights.

Veronica: I know right.

Zack: Put the calculator down.

Veronica: It's been a long time. How are you? How's Diogee?

Melissa: Veronica who? I thought we knew all his friends.

Zack: I thought we were all his friends.

Veronica: Should I bring your favorite, pepperoni and sausage?

Milo: Make it a large and you can join us.

Zack: And a diet soda.

Veronica: Hey. Chop chop chop chop away at...

(Zack Shrieks)

Melissa: What was that?

Zack: Oh. I, uh, you know chops. Maybe they have chop salad. Ha ha. Do you want a chop salad? I don't...I don't want a chop salad. But hey, Milo,huh? Who's this Veronica person?

Melissa: Yeah. Come on. Spill it, Murphy.

Milo: Let's just say that with Veronica delivering, the odds are much better that we'll actually get the pizza. And I'll let you in on another secret. This isn't my backpack.

Melissa & Zack: What?

I want a girl with a suit of armor! [...]

Melissa: Come on Milo. Who's this Veronica person? You can't just drop a bomb like that and walk away.

Milo: You're the one who said some secrets are cool. I bet you have some.

Zack: Come on, tell me your secrets. Tell them to me. Tell them to Mr. Badger.

Melissa: What are you doing?

Zack: I'm badgering you. I'm a badger. Is it workin'?

Melissa: Actually it kind of is.

I do have a secret. Okay, this is not how I really look.

Zack: You mean you're...

Melissa: That's right Zack. I am a robot! I am a robot!

Milo & Zack: (screams)

Melissa: I am a robot! Zack. Zack.

Zack: Huh?

Melissa: Zack? Are you okay?

Zack: Oh. Yeah. I'm fine. So Melissa, what's your secret?

Melissa: This is not how I really look.

I am a robot! I am a robot!

Milo & Zack: (screams)

Zack: Melissa. Melissa.

Melissa: Huh? What?

Zack: What do you mean this is not how you really look?

Melissa: My two front teeth are fake, caught a pop fly with my face.

Milo: (screams)

Jim: Okay everyone we got an oil spill here. Highly flammable. Stay back.

Little Girl: Hey, mister. That's not oil, that's molasses.

Jim: Really? Okay then.

Why didn't you tell me molasses was flammable?

Little Girl: I'm four.

Chop chop chop away at my heart.

Diogee: (barks)


Diogee: (bark)

Veronica: Diogee. You're a lot bigger than I remember. Here you go. Let's take you home.

Balthazar: This is the worst assignment yet. stopping pistachios from leaking out of the silo.

Vinnie: Yeah. but their perks, check it out

Balthazar: Stop that. You're making it worse. See.

Vinnie: Would you give me a hand here or maybe a finger?

Balthazar: Fine like this?

Veronica: Hold on Diogee. Well Murphy's Law is in full force. What we need now is some fire power. We're going to have to improvise. Mints, and diet soda. Take cover boy. Hold on to your tail.

Milo: She's getting close. I can feel it.

Veronica: Milo. I'm coming in hot.

Milo: Battle stations everyone. Melissa, fire extinguisher. Zack, trampoline.

Milo: Ready?

Zack: Ready.

Melissa: Ready.

One one-thousandth of a fortnight.

Zack And it's not even on fire. Oh, spoke too soon.

Milo: But none the worse for wear. Everybody. This is Veronica. Veronica. These are, my other two friends.

Veronica: Hallo.

Melissa: Okay. So how do you guys know each other?

Milo: Veronica was my last babysitter.

Veronica: Last babysitter standing.

Melissa & Zack: Ooh.

Milo: She was the only one smart enough and resourceful enough for the job. She had a backpack that just happened to have exactly what we needed to fix any disaster. Murphy was strong, but she was stronger, because of that backpack.

Melissa: And that's her backpack.

Milo: That's right.

Veronica: He earned it. I better go back and get that drink. I had to use your diet soda and some mints to improvise an afterburner.

Zack: Don't make that trip again on my account.

Veronica: Oh no it's my pleasure. I was a huge fan of the Lumberzacks. Chop chop chop.

(whistle) I'll be back with a soda in a few.

Zack: So pizza?

Milo: I don't get it. How did she know your name? And what the heck is a Lumberzack?

Zack: I guess we'll never know.

Melissa: Unless we just look up "Lumberzacks, Chop Chop Chop" on the Internet.

Zack: Oh please no.

Melissa: This is going to be good.

Zack: I know your pining, but every collar's got a silver lining

and your in my arms so the planets are aligning.

The Lumberzacks: My love is strong, like a tree.

And you belong, baby you belong to me.

Without you, I'm tired to the ground.

If I fall, do I even make a sound?

Zack: Chop chop chop away at my heart.

The Lumberzacks: Timber. And I will never part. I know you you'll be there from the start. Chop chop chop away at my heart.

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