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Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Friends and Family
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "The Undergrounders"
Voiced by:
Scott Peterson

Scott is one of the undergrounders and the only original member of that group to opt for a life below ground in Subterranis.


Scott was a pipe-fitter before he and several other workers became trapped below ground in The Undergrounders; Scott began to affect a rather eccentric manner, often declaring that someone "shall be our leader." despite the fact that the Undergrounders had already voted for a leader. However, they did eventually accept Scott's designation of their new society known as Subterranis; Scott claimed that he "wore them down." The group later managed to return to the surface after encountering Milo Murphy, Melissa Chase, and Zack Underwood and following their dog Diogee, whom Scott was allergic to. Scott chose to return to Subterranis while his comrades returned to their normal lives, and left after attempting to make Bradley Nicholson his new leader.

Scott later made a number of cameos, starting in Worked Day when an overloading MRI machine attracted a manhole cover that he saw as his "door."

He later appeared in Athledecamathalon where he resurfaced to watch the titular event, though he told Melissa that he had expected two separate events.

Accompanied by a new group of undergrounders, he joined the contest in Battle of the Bands, though their performance was poorly received.

In Missing Milo he helped Melissa and Zack escape Brick and Savanah with Milo's backpack.

In World Without Milo in the alternative timeline he is seen checking to see if it is rain when Elliot screams "Safety will REIGN!"

In Love Toboggan he is seen mowing the sewer when Milo, Zack, Melissa and Neil propell through the sewers on a jet propelled toboggan.


Scott gallery
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