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Science Teacher in Space is the song heard during the episode The Substitute, when the substitute teacher -  Ms. Baxter - accidentally activates one function on the Quantum Localizer, trying to turn it off after mistaking it for Melissa's cell phone, and gets sucked in by some kind of space-time vortex into space.



Substitute science teacher in spa-a-ace
Can't you teach them in the brief of a whole day of life?
How will you ever know-ow?
How will you ever know-ow?
Science teacher in space...


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  • This song is similar to a real-world song, Space Oddity, written by David Bowie.
  • Ms. Baxter's hair and skin continuously change during the song.
  • Ms. Baxter appears to be able to breathe, making it some kind of "space" that has breathable air. Or possibly, it's an error.

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