Balthazar Cavendish: Why the bureau would ever decide to put us in this dingy strip mall is beyond me. Have they even issued last month's check?.

Vinnie Dakota: I haven't seen one.

Balthazar: Just keep an eye out for the landlord.

Mr. LePhilips: [...]

Balthazar & Vinnie: Yes Mr. LePhilips.

Vinnie: That guy scares me.

Balthazar: [...]

Mr. Block: It's Kooperdink and Hamsher.

Balthazar: It's Cavendish and Dakota sir.

Mr. Block: Sure it is.

Cavendish: Is it Winter there?

Mr. Block: No, but I went back six months to see a movie I missed.

Dakota: Oo which one?

Mr. Block: None of Your Business part 2: The Shut-upening. Your mission is a pistachio farm, drive support stakes into the ground near each plant. There's a map and some stakes in your locker.

Gretchen? The map and stakes?

Gretchen: Just a second.

Mr. Block: You were supposed to do it yesterday!

Gretchen: I am doing it yesterday.

Cavendish: What about this Milo Murphy person? Have you figured out what agency he's working for?

Mr. Block: I told you. There is no other agency. He's just a middle schooler.

Cavendish: Yes but he's thwarting our mission time and time again. He's definitely working for someone.

Mr. Block: Unless you have some evidence stick to your mission.

Cavendish: Hmm, evidence?

Mr. Block: Now if you'll excuse me? I have to go back to twenty seconds ago. [...]

Cavendish: [...] sir.

Dakota: I'm Hamshure right? Cause that hat and goggles definitely say Kooperdink.

Cavendish: The important thing is that we now have permission to collect information on Milo Murphy.

Dakota: Is that what you got from that?

Cavendish: Yes, that's what I got from it.

Dakota: I must have been in a different meeting.

Zack: Niegra Falls is the theme?

Melissa: Amanda [...] the decoration committee.

Amanda: [...] and the committee to supervise all committees.

Milo: Now you get to have fun.

Amanda: I have somebody covering that for me. Thanks Lydia.

Lydia: [...] Your having so much fun.

Amanda: When I see that everything is going smoothly I will have fun.

Milo: If I waited for things to go smoothly to have fun, I'd be...

Amanda: Milo, please stay away from the [...] and um, basically everything that could fall to pieces.

Melissa: You mean like you'll be doing in three...two.

Amanda: [...]

Milo: I just happen to have some punch bowl sealant.

Amanda: Thanks. But just stay back, from everything.