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Sara Murphy
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Friends and Family
Brigette Murphy (mother)
Martin Murphy (father)
Milo Murphy (brother)
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "The Doctor Zone Files"
Voiced by:
Kate Micucci

Sara Murphy is Milo's older sister. She is voiced by Kate Micucci.


Sara is very protective of her little brother, Milo. She sometimes wears a backpack like Milo, even though she isn't cursed by Murphy's Law. She is often worried that Milo could ruin her important moments, but she still likes to spend time with him. Sometimes her concerns for Murphy's law so overwhelms her that she makes errors ruining the moment for herself. (The Doctor Zone Files). She uses her cellphone a lot.(The Wilder West).

She is a huge Doctor Zone fan. Her shirt and pajama shirt both have a Time Ape image on them. In The Wilder West she spends the entire time on Nowhere Desert Dude Ranch taking pictures and collecting dirt samples because it is believed to be the filming location of an episode of Dr. Zone.

Physical Appearance

Sara is a fair skinned, slender girl aged 17 years. She has chin length blonde hair and blue eyes. She wears pink capris, a white, t-shirt with light blue sleeves and a picture of Time Ape on the front and red sneakers with white soles. She wears green four leaf clover hair clips.



Martin and Brigette Murphy

Sara is close with her parents, as she is happy to go on vacation with them and watches television with them and her brother.

Milo Murphy

Sara and her brother are close, they are both fans of The Doctor Zone Files and have a caring sibling relationship.


Zack Underwood and Melissa Chase

Sara is warm towards her brother's friends.

Dr. Zone fan club

Sara often hangs out with fellow Dr. Zone fans.


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