Sara Murphy
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Hometown: Danville
Friends and Family
Brigette Murphy (mother)
Martin Murphy (father)
Milo Murphy (brother)
Grandpa Murphy
Grandma Murphy
Love interests:
Pets: Diogee (dog)
Laura Murphy
Joe Murphy
Nate Murphy
Reggie (mentioned)
Sheriff Murphy, lives in 1875
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "The Doctor Zone Files"
Voiced by:
Kate Micucci

Sara Murphy is Milo's seventeen-year-old sister. She is voiced by Kate Micucci.


Sara Murphy is quite protective of her little brother, Milo. She is sometimes worried that Milo could ruin her important moments, but she still likes to spend time with him. Sometimes her concerns about Murphy's Law overwhelm her that she makes errors, ruining the moment for herself. (The Doctor Zone Files). She uses her cellphone a lot. (The Wilder West).

She is a huge Doctor Zone fan. Her shirt and pajama shirt both have a Time Ape image on them. In The Wilder West, she spends the entire time on the Nowhere Desert Dude Ranch taking pictures and collecting dirt samples because it is believed to be the filming location of an episode of Dr. Zone. She also has an interest in comic books as shown in Love Toboggan.

Physical Appearance

Sara is a fair skinned, slender girl aged seventeen years. She has chin-length blonde hair and blue eyes.

She wears violet capris, a white t-shirt with light blue sleeves and a picture of Time Ape on the front and red sneakers with white soles. She wears green four-leaf clover hair clips.


In The Doctor Zone Files, she and Milo go to see the Doctor Zone movie with Melissa and Zack. During the wait, she worries that the tickets will be destroyed. After calming down an angry group of Doctor Zone fans she loses the tickets. Fortunately, the pistachio cart that was launched into the sky before destroyed a section of the theater, allowing the four to see the movie without tickets.

In Party of Peril, she keeps watch for her brother while preparing for his birthday party.

In The Wilder West, she discovers the mysterious shooting location of a Doctor Zone episode. She informs the fan club who believe her until Javier tells them of a racehorse with the same name. She is depressed until he confirms the episode was shot there.

In Family Vacation, she goes on vacation with her family and they lose track of Milo, but are reunited with him in the Colorado River.

In Athledecamathalon, she is seen in a flashback of her family watching a quiz show when the power goes out during the final question.

In We're Going to the Zoo, she, Zack and Milo race to get back her mother's t-shirt collection after they were donated, only to learn she was going to donate them anyway.

In Missing Milo, she watches the pilot episode of The Doctor Zone Files, shocked to see her younger brother in a show shot sixty years ago. She takes Zack and Melissa to the home of Orton Mahlson to get answers. They get a message from Milo and rush to meet him at school. When the three and Diogee meet up with Milo, Vinnie Dakota and Balthazar Cavendish. They manage to take out the pistachions.

In World Without Milo, Elliot sees her walking a wiener dog instead of Diogee in the timeline where she is an only child.

In Love Toboggan, she spends time with Neil, her friend and crush, for lunch at a diner and she wonders if he feels the same way about her. After being on a jet-propelled toboggan she confesses he feels the same way about her. They then watch the sunset together.

In The Island of Lost Dakotas, she is seen in a flashback teaching Milo how to tie shoes.

In Fungus Among Us, she is kidnapped by pistachions created by Derek. They dress one of their own up as her and lock her in a cage at Lard World along with her family and brother's friends.

In Milo Murphy's Halloween Scream-a-Torium!, she goes into a haunted house her brother made out of a truck their father decommissioned along with Zack and Melissa.

In A Christmas Peril she and Milo, with help from Zack and Melissa, pick up the extended Murphy family to surprise their parents for Christmas. They Pick up their cousin Nate at the airport, the grandparents at the train station, and their Uncle Joey and Aunt Laura at the harbor. The group gets snowed in on the road and take a horse-drawn carriage until it winds up in a tree. They then walk to the mall, where their parents are, and surprise them with their relatives. After a boat crashes through the mall's skylight, shocking the family and Milo's friends, they all have dinner at the mall's Chinese restaurant and are joined by Zack's parents, Melissa's dad, Mort and Amanda for dinner. She watches Doctor Zone outside the restaurant and is oblivious to her dog chasing a Velociraptor.



Martin and Brigette Murphy

Sara is close with her parents. She is happy to go on vacation as a family and enjoys watching television with them alongside her brother. Her father even got her into Doctor Zone when she was in the fourth grade, and she goes to her mother for advice.

Milo Murphy

Main Article: Sara and Milo's Relationship

Sara and her younger brother are close. They are both fans of The Doctor Zone Files and have a caring sibling relationship.


Zack Underwood and Melissa Chase

Sara is warm towards her brother's friends. She enjoys doing various activities with them.

Dr. Zone fan club

Sara often hangs out with fellow Dr. Zone fans, such as Kris, Wally, and Josh.

Orton Mahlson

Since the creator and star of her favorite show is a local, Sara occasionally watches him in his home from behind a tree on his property.

Love Interest


Sara meets her crush 'Neal from the comic shop' for lunch at The Diner Downtown and wonders if the two are on a date or not. However, after taking off on a jet-propelled toboggan Neal's sister sees them and asks if he is with 'Sara from the comic shop'. By the end, they confess their feelings for one another and watch the sunset on the unmoving sled.


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