Okay kids, this is it. The reason there's no school lunch program, and the reason you have to bring your own toilet paper to school. I give you the school board's very own Yacht, the S.S. Indulgence!

— Principle Milder

8 SS Indulgence

The S.S. Indulgence is a yacht bought by the Jefferson County Middle School board and is used as an explanation for the school's shortage of funds in Acadecamathalon and The Math Book.


In Some Like it Yacht, the faculty uses it to bring the students on a field trip, where they ended up stranded on a tropical island, damaging the yacht. After Diogee helped Milo find a way back to town, the boat wins a surf contest via loophole. The prize money from the was then used to fix the damages done to the boat with two dollars to spare.




  • The S.S. Indulgence is stated by Principle Milder to be the reason there is no school lunch program and the reason the students have to bring their own toilet paper to school.