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Principal Milder
Gender: Female
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First Appearance:
  "Going the Extra Milo"
Voiced by:
Mackenzie Phillips

Principal Milder is the principal of Jefferson County Middle School.

She is voiced by Mackenzie Phillips.


Principle Milder is a very calm, controlled person who attributes some of her strength to the fact that she is a middle school principal. She often seems very cynical towards the people and situations around her.

She has many 'I knew a kid' stories that she uses to give warnings with, although the stories themselves don't seem to have a conclusive ending.

She tends to take an active approach to Murphy's Law, going out of her way to prevent it if she can. This is seen when she makes an agreement with Milo that he can use the music room in exchange for never walking past her office again and the fact that she's very much aware of the fact that Milo promised never to show up at another sports game.

Physical Appearance

Principal Milder has an olive skin tone, prominent lips, and a thin face with a pointed chin, a sharp nose, and brown, almond-shaped eyes. Her hair is shoulder-length and brown with short bangs. There are deep lines under her eyes.

She wears a light beige shirt with a collar that ends in a bow over her chest alongside a long, knee-length beige skirt that has a large checkered pattern. Her high heeled shoes match her shirt.


Principal Milder first spoke in Rooting for the Enemy where she was surprised to find Milo at the game, having heard that he had promised Coach Mitchell that he wouldn't attend another game after previous mishaps. After Melissa and Milo explained that the coach had given his okay and announced his belief that their team would lose the game at the pep rally, Milder remarked "Did he now? I need to explain pep to that man."

In Athledecamathalon, she sees Milo's parents dropping off his lunch and body armor. She takes them to deliver to Milo but was crushed by the weight of the body armor.

In School Dance, Zack considers telling her that vampire hunters have infiltrated the school dance to hunt down Mr. Drako before hearing how crazy his idea is.

In The Math Book, she gives Melissa the key to a classroom to retrieve her Math textbook.

In Disaster of My Dreams, she considers Elliot Decker for JCMS' safety inspector but fires him, but Elliot points out he didn't get hired yet, so she doesn't hire him since his bike and the boulder damaged her car.

In Some Like it Yacht, she became the leader of the feral faculty. Her leadership was later challenged by Coach Nolan Mitchell.



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“Milo, ha, Good to see ya. I was under the impression you promised Coach Mitchell you would never show up at a game.”
—Principle Milder[source]

“Mr. and Mrs. Murphy! Is this a legal, medical, or state emergency level problem?”
—Principle Milder greeting Milo's parents[source]

“Principle Milder: I once knew a kid who borrowed one of my classroom keys and didn't return it. And do you know what happened to that kid?

Melissa: No?

Principle Milder: Okay, well, if you find out, tell them I would like my keys back!”
—Principle Milder[source]

“Someday, three children I know will be sitting around, saying "Old Principal Milder, she really taught us somethin'."

Milo: You mean us?

Principal Milder: Oh, no. Three other kids.”
—Principle Milder and Milo[source]

“No!! I have to get her key back! I'm going to be the star of one of her "I knew a kid" stories!”
—Melissa Chase[source]

“Principal Milder said we could use the music room in exchange for never walking past her office again.”
—Milo Murphy[source]

“Coach Mitchell: Why can't I knock you over? I've got, like, twice your body weight!

Principal Milder: I'm a middle school principal.”
—Coach Mitchell and Principle Milder[source]


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