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Milo Murphys Law - I've Got No Excuses SONG

Milo Murphys Law - I've Got No Excuses SONG

I Got No Excuses is a song near the end of the episode, The Note. During the song, Milo, Melissa, and Zack rummage through heaps of discarded paper in search of a doctor's note at a recycling center.


I know you've heard it all before
Like when I told ya that the dog ate my homework
Or When I left it in my other pants
And then they went in the wash

Aw, yeah

And I know this story isn't easy to accept
But the power went out so I overslept
I had a million good excuses
Now they're gone we'll have to cope with the loss

Yeah, yeah, yeah

(I've got no...)
No explanation
(I've got no...)
No validation
(I've got no...)
No justification
I'm just useless, baby

(I've got no...)
No mitigation
(I've got no...)
No confirmation
No documentation
No excuses, baby, today


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