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The Murphy house is the home of the Murphy family, consisting of Martin and Brigette Murphy, their children Sara and Milo Murphy, and their dog Diogee.


The house is indirectly mentioned several times throughout the series when Milo instructs Diogee to "go home" whenever he unexpectedly appears at the site of one of Milo's misadventures. The house is first seen in Sunny Side Up where Milo, Zack, and Melissa gather in order to work on their physics project involving the creation of a device to prevent an egg from breaking. Their test launch site is a tree in Milo's backyard, which also contains Diogee's dog house and various pieces of safety equipment. Just after the group perfects their device, Martin crashes through the backyard hedge on his bicycle and ends up landing in the family convertible. Milo's bed-which sits over his desk-is also seen in both a dream sequence where he imagines that nothing catastrophic has happened during the night, and then in reality when he awakes to find that a tree has fallen in through the window.

In Rooting for the Enemy, Milo is seen getting ready for the football game.

In The Doctor Zone Files, Sara and Milo have Melissa and Zack over for a Dr. Zone marathon before going to see the Dr. Zone movie. A flashback in the episode reveals that at one point the effects of Murphy's Law caused a train to drive through the backyard during one of Sara's birthday parties.

In Party of Peril, it is revealed that the Murphys have held Milo's birthday party - with only themselves and Melissa present-at their home every year for a considerable amount of time due to fears about insurance and the consequences of Murphy's Law. However, Zack and Melissa persuade them to hold it at a go-kart track and invite more of Milo's classmates.

In Worked DayMilo returns home after his school's career day and finds his mother working on an architectural model.

In Missing Milo, Diogee, Sara, Zack and Melissa, spot current-aged Milo on the recovered Dr. Zone piolet that was shot in 1965.


  • This house is a few neighborhoods away from the Flynn/Fletcher house.

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