Ms. Murawski
Gender: Female
Age: Between 30-40
Friends and Family
Milo Murphy (at times)
Melissa Chase
Zack Underwood
Amanda Lopez
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  Sunny Side Up
Voiced by:
Sarah Chalke

Ms. Murawski is a science teacher at Jefferson County Middle School.


She seems to be very proud of her desk that she claims to have built herself. She talks very fondly of it and has caressed it in front of her class. She is otherwise very responsible and competent when it comes to science assignments and projects, but clearly worries that things could go wrong with or without Milo's EHML around, although she cares for her students, even Milo.

Physical Appearance

Ms. Murawski is a slender and attractive woman in her late thirties or early forties. She has fair skin, black eyes and brown hair held in a bun. She wears a beige blouse and tan skirt with a brown belt at the waist and a red and brown scarf around her neck. She has dark brown over-the-knee boots with light brown high heels and wears gold hoop earrings and crimson red lipstick.


She assigned her class an egg dropping project to see what they learned about gravity, inertia and weight distribution. She and everyone on the ground, save for Melissa, hid when Milo's team was up. She gave the three an A on their project ("Sunny Side Up").

A substitute taught her class while she was on vacation in Hawaii ("The Substitute").

She chaperoned the Niagara Falls Fling ("School Dance").

She was stranded on an island after the school board's yacht was shipwrecked. She and the rest of the faculty, except for Mr. Drako, went feral within seconds of being marooned. She and the rest of the feral teachers followed Diogee to the repaired yacht after he took their scepter. They made it on board just as a tidal wave carried the boat out to sea. They made it to shore and inadvertently won just enough money in a surfing contest to fix the yacht ("Some Like it Yacht").

She, Martin Murphy, Eileen Underwood and Mr. Chase turned into toddlers after being hit by a mysterious ray. They were looked after by the parents' children until they were returned to their proper ages. (“Backward to School Night”)


Ms Murawski
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