Mort Schaeffer
Gender: Male
Hometown: Danville
Professional Information
Position in Just Getting Started:
  Just Getting Started
Friends and Family
Bradley Nicholson
Milo Murphy
Chad Van Coff
Zack Underwood
Melissa Chase
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  Going The Extra Milo
Voiced by:
Greg Cipes
Plus, I've got a blockage in my fourth chakra.

— Mort Schaeffer, "Rooting for the Enemy"

Mort Schaeffer is one of Milo's classmates. He tends to be very spiritual, and he's the fourth member of the band Just Getting Started.

He is voiced by Greg Cipes.[1]


Mort is very spiritual, practicing New Age beliefs, such as knowing the properties of rose quartz and talking about having a blocked chakra. In Going the Extra Milo, it is possible he may be a vegetarian, as he wagered his "vegan cheese sticks" to see if Milo and Zack would make it to school on time. Unlike Bradley Nicholson, he acts more civil around Milo, and treats him like a friend; he even came to Milo's birthday party. Mort and Bradley seem to be friends and are often seen together, though Bradley's condescending attitude and lack of understanding or agreement with Mort's beliefs occasionally leads to friction.

Physical Appearance

Mort is much taller and stockier than the majority of the students. He has a long, rounded face with a prominent nose, light skin, and dark eyes. His brown hair is shaved at the sides and the back, leaving him with a thick mohawk.

He wears a dark, navy blue T-shirt over a pair of blue jeans with folded cuffs. His shoes are red sneakers with white soles and gray laces.


In Going the Extra Milo, he placed vegan cheese sticks and an apple on Zack and Milo not showing up until after lunch. He lost the bet when the two were beamed to class by aliens seconds before the bell rang.

In The Undergrounders, he attends the class field trip to the natural history museum. He witnesses Milo, Zack, and Melissa being separated from them when their subway car disconnected from the rest of the train. While at the museum's gift shop he perches a large quantity of rose quartz. He was present when the three missing students and the lost city workers return to them.

In Rooting for the Enemy, he invited Milo to his first football game in months, before falling in a dumpster which rolled into a lake. He is in the hospital's Murphy suite to congratulate Milo after he used Murphy's law to win the game for their school team.

In Sunny Side Up, he is teamed with Bradley and Amanda for their science project.

In Party of Peril, he attends Milo's surprise party, under the condition that Melissa's father - a paramedic - well be present.

In Athledecamathalon, he, along with Chad, Milo, Melissa, and Zack, compete in a combined athletic and scholastic event. Despite have a major disadvantage, the team wins thanks to Milo.

In The Substitute, he and the rest of the class put on protective gear when Milo is working with chemicals. He later gives the sentient blob a headlock.

In School Dance, he helps Amanda dislodge a shoe that was glued to the bleachers and played the drums when he, Milo, Melissa, and Zack filling for the scheduled band.

In Battle of the Bands, he, Milo, Melissa, and Zack complete in the battle of the bands.

In The Llama Incident, he has a job lifting flesh colored bags of red paint in a forklift.

In Star Struck, he helps Milo, Zack and Melissa sneak past Elliot to get onto a movie set.

In Disaster of My Dreams, he falls into a trash can and is trapped by Elliot when Principal Milder walks by. He and the rest of Just Getting Started practice during their breaks.

In Some Like it Yacht, Mort and his class go on the school board's yacht and becomes stranded on an island where he was the only one not freaking out. He also frees a crying Bradley after he was stuck to the galley's cabinet encased in ice cream during the beaching before returning to the mainland after being shipwrecked.

In World Without Milo, he is seen crossing the street to school.

In Milo Murphy's Halloween Scream-a-Torium!, he and Chad - poorly - set up a Halloween party for kids, but are saved when Milo's haunted house falls out of the sky.

In A Christmas Peril, he is seen sharing a meal with Amanda, The Murphys, the Underwoods, and the Chases.


Bradley Nicholson

In The Undergrounders and Sunny Side Up, Bradley could be seen with Mort. Bradley often questions Mort's spiritual beliefs, arguing against Pluto being a planet, while Mort insisted on it being in his fourth house and calling into question why Mort would need to buy so much rose quartz. They can be seen working together in the science classroom in Sunny Side Up. While it's assumed that they're good friends, Bradley's attitude towards Mort's beliefs has been the only dialogue between them so far.

Milo Murphy

Mort first interacts with Milo in Rooting for the Enemy. Mort was told by the football team's coach that Milo could attend the game on account of facing a team they were likely to lose anyway. He also mentioned to Milo that he had a blockage in his fourth chakra and that would negatively affect how he played. After delivering this message, Mort fell off a cliff. Instead of blaming it on Murphy's Law, he blamed it on his fourth chakra. At the football game, Mort is seen as the only one who doesn't blame Milo for something happening to them while they're around Milo, instead blaming his fourth chakra.


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“If you understand its property, you won't be asking me that.”
—Mort Schaffer, holding Rose Quartz[source]

“I didn’t really get all that but you look really confident, so I’m willing to give it a try.”
—Mort Schaeffer[source]

“Woooooow; this is like one of those movies where there's one dance team from the streets and one dance team is classically trained, and they're both gonna do this competition. But then the street team runs out of funding, so they have to raise the money. And then the classically trained dancer leaves the other team and joins them and teaches them the value of hard work!”
—Mort Schaffer[source]

“Yeah, because when the classically trained ballerina returns to the street team all repentant, not only do they win the dance competition, but they all learn the true value of their friendship.”
—Mort Schaffer[source]

“Wow. We really stink at planning parties. The kids are gonna be really disappointed.”
—Mort Schaffer, referring to himself and Chad[source]




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