"Mister Go (I've Gotta Go)"
Mr. Go ibx
Song by Keep Left
Album: Letters from Fielding
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Milo Murphys Law - I Gotta Go SONG

Milo Murphys Law - I Gotta Go SONG

Mister Go (I've Gotta Go) is a song from the episode Party of Peril. During the song, Milo and his friends celebrate his birthday with go-kart racing.


I've got no time for trivial things
Gotta get up and get out into the world
Find a spot in the middle kings,
Gonna go into the city in a whirl

I gotta go (Go!)
Oh, I'm Mister Go (Go!)
They call me Mister Go


Oh, but you know I've gotta go (Go!)
Gotta get gone, get gone, gone


  • This song originally appeared on the album Letters From Fielding by Keep Left, Dan Povenmire's college band. This version is shorter likely due to time and strong language being used in the original version. It is also a new recording of the song.
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