Missing Milo
Missing MiloZack and Melissa on their search for Milo, when a portal appears.
Production code: SPE[1]
Broadcast order: 23
Written by:
Scott Peterson
Joshua Pruett
Storyboards by:
Edward Rivera
Ashley Michelle Simpson
Steven Umbleby
Chris Ybarra
Directed by:
Bob Bowen
Robert F. Hughes
Broadcast Information
U.S. Premiere:
July 22, 2017
International Premieres:
see below
Story arc(s)
"The Substitute"

Missing Milo is the 23rd episode of the first season of Milo Murphy's Law. It is the first hour-long special of the show.

Episode Synopsis

When Cavendish and Dakota stop Milo from destroying a pistachio plant, they change the future. Pistachio plants become sentient and take over the planet, so Cavendish, Dakota and Milo must race through time to save the future.


Part One

After Milo, Melissa and Zack narrowly avoid an on-coming wave of lava that fell out of a truck via a block of ice pulled by chinchillas, a bike missing the back tire, and skis. Milo decides to swing by the grocery store to pick up snacks.
On the way he encounters Dakota and Cavendish checking on a pistachio seedling. They ask if Milo was trying to thwart them. Milo denies it and explains Murphy's Law to them. As Milo fixes his bike, they contact Mr. Block to tell him they succeeded in their mission. As they are talking to Mr. Block, he is attacked and they wonder if something's wrong or if Mr. Block is pranking them. They decide to seek out Brick and Savannah to borrow their time machine and interrupt Brick and Savannah's mission to help end the common cold. They refuse to loan their time machine. As Milo arrives, the ledge beneath Brick and Savannah fails and they fall off a cliff and into the sea.
Milo returns the temporal communicator Dakota and Cavendish dropped earlier. As he does, he gets trapped in the time machine and ends up going with them, leaving his backpack and Diogee in the present. The three arrive in 2175 to find it over run by pistachions.
Meanwhile, Zack and Melissa search in vain for Milo unaware he is now lost in time.

Part Two

Milo, Dakota and Cavendish, decide to go to the Time Bureau and try to make sense of what has happened. Along the way a peach hits Cavendish, causing all three to realize they nearly walked into some pistachions and they hide before they are seen. They are eventually discovered and have to run.

Back in the present, Zack and Melissa are led by Diogee to Milo's backpack, where they encounter Brick and Savannah who try and interrogate them. The three flee with the time travelers hot on their tails. Zack and Melissa run down a storm drain and nearly escape only to be cornered by the agents. However, Scott appears and Zack and Melissa go with him to Subterranis but Brick and Savanna are still hot on their trail. Scott tries to collapse a house on the agents but they escape the rubble before meeting their targets at a trap door. They are hit with a sign then roll into a pit where they are overwhelmed by rats and a wolf. Scott leads the kids back to the surface.

In the future, Milo, Vinnie and Balthazar, still running from the pistachions, hot wire a hover craft elevator and use it to get to their time machine and escape. Back in the present, Zack and Melissa head to Milo's house where they get Sara involved in the search. They see Milo in the newly found fifty-year-old pilot episode of The Doctor Zone Files. They are shocked and desperate for answers.

In the future, King Pistachion takes his own time machine to try and intersect the trio.

Part Three

Balthazar, Vinnie and Milo send themselves ten minutes into the past to reach the Time Bureau. They see themselves walking into on-coming troops and throw a peach to warn themselves. They realize it was them who saved themselves and this opens a debate of where the peach came from. In the present, Melissa takes Sara and Zack to her house and shows them her Murphy's Law room, a room dedicated to documenting Murphy's Law. Looking for clues they notice Cavendish and Dakota in the background of many of the pictures.

The trio then make it to a library and learn that the plant they saved before this adventure began was King Pistachion. They escape an ambush thanks to Murphy's Law and return to their time machine. King Pistachion and some of his goons follow in their own time machine. Milo gives Balthazar (who's driving their time machine) directions that lead them to the llama incident to throw the pistachions off their trail, which appears to succeed.

Sara offers to take them to someone who can help. Sara takes Melissa and Zack to the home of Orton Mahlson to get answers about Milo being on the 1965 program. Mr. Orton tells his guests that the time travelers inspired his show and Milo gave him a letter to give to his friends telling them to go to the school with his backpack at three in the afternoon on that day.

Part Four

As Milo and the time travelers head for the meeting point they are attacked by a pistachion, but Dakota knocks it off. As Sara and the others reach the middle school and a space-time portal opens up - scaring Elliot away - revealing the pistachions. Moments later Milo shows up, as Sara is throwing Milo his backpack a pistachion parries it to the flag pole. They get in the time machine and try to destroy the plant by running it over while the pistachions chase after them, but King Pistachion defends his seedling self and after they drive through much of the school he corners them and, with the help of his children the other pistachions, tears the time limo in half to prevent anyone from time-traveling.

Part Five

The six escape and while the pistachions are subdued by bubbles and Milo gives them random equipment from his backpack. He gives the time travelers a catapult, five bowling balls, and a sink from the girls bathroom they drove through, Zack a rope and cable snares, Sara a triple extra-large straight jacket, and Melissa wind chimes and a self-perplating air mattress. They hold back the pistachions while Milo sets out to destroy the small plant. With their items, the humans are able to detain any pistachio that is in Milo's path or that they come across, but they run out of ideas when King Pistachion confronts them. Just as Milo is able to reach the pistachio tree when he sees everyone has been captured. He backs away but then blows a woodpecker whistle to summon woodpeckers to attack King Pistachion like mosquitos. This hole ridden pistachion falls off the roof he was standing on and Milo is able to save his friends but the king reaches Milo before he can get back to the pistachio tree. As the king is about to claim victory, Diogee pees on the plant, killing it and saving the future. The pistachions all disappear, as they will never be created. Mr. Block has no memories of the event since the timeline was fixed and sees it as an odd attempt by Dakota and Cavendish to get out of pistachio-protecting duty. The time travelers part on good terms with Milo and company before running into Brick and Savannah and giving them back keys to their destroyed time machine, much to their dismay. His friends tell Milo of Melissa's room of him and show him the pilot episode and old letter. They wonder why he will go to 1965 in the first place. Back in the time stream, the pistachion that Dakota hit lands in 1955. Then "THE END?" appears on the screen.



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International Airings

  • TBA


  • This is the series' first one hour special.
  • Two references to Phineas and Ferb are made. First, during the song I Can't Find You, the girl in the shop is holding a Ducky Momo book. The exchanges Dakota and Cavendish have about flooding the engine are similar to Phineas and Ferb's comments during their Himalaya escape in Summer Belongs to You!, though Phineas looked more warned and Ferb was calm; while Vinnie was skeptical and Balthazar is disappointed by his partner's sentences.
  • A caption during the scene where Brick and Savannah are reintroduced reveals that they are "Time Travelers First Class".
  • Melissa has a room with pictures of Milo, incidents and his past possessions. She claims its to try and figure out how Murphy's Law works so she can help him or even profit from it.
    • She has a picture of him when he was an infant. It could imply they met at a young age.
    • Zack says it's "weirdly specific".
  • This is the first time Diogee and Sara interact.
  • Sophie Winkleman is credited as Time Ape despite having no actual lines in the episode.
  • Diogee has a bowl saying "the greatest dog in the world" in Chinese, which was ordered by Sara.
  • Melissa's house is seen for the first time.
  • Orton Mahlson, the creator and star of Dr. Zone, knows who Cavendish and Dakota are. He claims they were the inspiration to create his show.
  • Zack shaves his neck daily.
  • Vinnie Dakota gives Milo his last clock as a souvenir.
  • A different, longer section of the extended theme song plays during the credits.
  • The creator of The Dr. Zone Files is also the show's star. (It is common knowledge among long-time Dr. Zone fans.)


  • The Llama Incident is mentioned while Milo is in the future and seen when Milo, Dakota and Cavendish try to lose the pistachions. (The Llama Incident)
    • The pistachion appearing at the football field in The Llama Incident is explained. Milo, Cavendish and Dakota tried to lose the pistachions and Milo knew when and where. He used the said incident as a way to lose the pistachions.
    • The woodpecker whistle used during the woodpecker incident is used again.
  • Also the episode referenced The Substitute as the pistachio plant grew and led to a foreshadowing cliffhanger, until the events of this episode.
  • Zack mentioned going down the sewer with Milo on his first day from Going the Extra Milo.
    • The bird that took their map is also seen briefly as the exit the sewer.
    • There was a wolf in the trap door alike to the ones that chased Zack and Milo in Coyote Woods.
  • Brick and Savannah make another appearance after their debut in Time Out.
  • Milo is on good terms with Cavendish after an assumption that Milo is agent trying to stop their missions involving pistachios from Time Out.
  • Scott leads Zack and Melissa back down to Subteranis, the subterranean region named and lived in by the undergrounders in the episode The Undergrounders.
    • In The Undergrounders, Zack nearly eats a deep fried rat he thinks is chicken. When Brick and Savannah fall into the trap door, Scott goads his 'chickens' to attack them and they are on set by a large amount of rats.
  • Sara interacts with Cavendish and Dakota again from The Doctor Zone Files while Melissa and Zack interact with them again since School Dance.


  • Deus Ex Machina - Diogee's full name is revealed to be "Diogee Ex Machina Murphy", a pun on the name of a plot device that abruptly resolves an unsolvable conflict.
  • Back To The Future - At the end of the episode a pistachion is seen falling through the time stream and landing in a town's square in 1955. Every Back to the Future movie takes place partly in that year.
  • Back To The Future Part II - In 1965, Milo wrote a letter for Olton to give to some people fifty years after it was written to help the current day. In the end of Back to the Future Part II, a letter by Doc Brown in 1885 is delivered to Marty McFly Sr. at a certain place in 1955 to report his safety and whereabouts.
  • Nathan Hale - As Jerry disappears he was invoking the patriot's famous quote, "I only regret I have but one life to lose for my country".
  • Invasion of the Body Snatchers - The "The End?" from the science fiction/horror movie is referenced at the end.
  • Castaway - Scott's milk carton friend Mildred is like Chuck Noland's volleyball friend Wilson.


  • The Time Ape image on Sara's shirt reverses several times throughout the episode.
    • It does so twice on screen, when she's talking to Orton Mahlson on his porch and again in the greenhouse.
  • King Pistachion's yellow leaf glows in 2175 but not in the present (but the one on his seedling does).



The Llama Incident
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