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When the call goes out to update and improve a page, it may be confusing as to exactly what needs to be fixed. This page will give you a checklist of what can be worked on.

New episodes

Update these when a new episode premieres:

  • Add a link in the Errors page back to the Errors section of that episode.
  • Use the iTunes Link Maker to add the purchase option to the Infobox for the episode.
    • Does Zune Marketplace have something similar, or is it just standard links?
    • Other purchasing options, like DVDs.

The Page Creation Portal will be updated to add the appropriate page layouts.

Transcripts and credits

  • Complete the transcript for the episode.
  • Using the Main template, add a link to the full credits page in the Cast section of an episode. See Pilot episode for an example of how this is done for two episodes.
    • New credits pages will need to be made for the episodes that do not have them yet.


  • Any unused pictures from the Unused photos report are candidates to be added to an episode's gallery.
  • "Build a story" in the episode galleries. Organize the pictures so related scenes are together.
  • Give the gallieres new section names to get rid of "Gallery name needed".
  • Pictures that are in the Picture needed category should be updated with better versions.

New actors and crew members

  • When a new actor or crew member appears on the show, create a new page for them with the Page Creation Portal.
    • Use Wikipedia, the Internet Movie Database and any official sites for information that can be used to build the page. Be sure to check the reliability of this information.
  • For all new actor and crew members, add their birthdate to the Cast and crew birthday list so it can be used for the main page birthday section.

Special pages

The Special pages list has several maintenance reports. Any of the reports in the "uncategorized", "unused" and "wanted" sections can be checked to see if something is missing or needs a home.

A more detailed explanation and explanations of other items in the Special Pages list can be found on our Filling in the blanks page.

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