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The series focuses on Milo Murphy, a thirteen-year-old kid who is a descendant of the original Murphy - the first person affected by Murphy's Law: "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong."

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As per usual, I'll do the adult thing... and meddle with the time-space continuum no matter what the consequences.

— Balthazar Cavendish, A Christmas Peril

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Countdown to the next episode of Milo Murphy's Law!

"Picture Day/
Agee Ientee Diogee"

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"Teacher Feature"

"The kids prepare Scott the Undergrounder to go on a date with Miss Murawski."
Featured Article

January's Featured Article

92 a try for a shirt

We're Going to the Zoo
After accidentally donating his mother's vintage T-shirt collection to a school clothing drive, Milo must fight against Murphy's Law and the local Zoo to get them back.

Main article: We're Going to the Zoo
Featured Song

January's Featured Song


Just Messing Around is a song played during the episode Perchance to Sleepwalk as Cavendish and Dakota enjoy a ditch day from work.

Main article: Just Messing Around
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