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The series focuses on Milo Murphy, a thirteen-year-old kid who is a descendant of the original Murphy - the first person affected by Murphy's Law: "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong."

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You know what they say: Sticks and stones can damage your vital organs, so always wear body armor!

— Milo Murphy, Going the Extra Milo

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"Fungus Among Us"

Fungus (3)
"Milo, Cavendish, and Dakota travel back to 1965 and inspire the creation of Dr. Zone, only to encounter a sinister plot to take over the world. "
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When Cavendish and Dakota stop Milo from destroying a pistachio plant, they change the future and must race through time to save it.

Main article: Missing Milo
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Chop Away at my Heart is a hit song by The Lumberzacks - a lumberjack themed boy band formerly led by Zack Underwood. The song made its official debut in the episode 'Secrets and Pies'.

Main article: Chop Away at my Heart
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