Milo Danger Murphy
Milo Murphy Transparent
Gender: Male
Age: 13-14
Hometown: Danville
Professional Information
Friends and Family
Brigette Murphy (mother)
Martin Murphy (father)
Sara Murphy (sister)
Grandpa Murphy (paternal grandfather)
Grandma Murphy (paternal grandmother)
Melissa Chase
Zack Underwood
Balthazar Cavendish
Vinnie Dakota
Love interests:
Amanda Lopez
Pets: Diogee (dog)
Sheriff Murphy, lives in 1875
Laura Murphy
Joey Murphy
Nate Murphy
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "Going The Extra Milo"
Voiced by:
Al Yankovic[1]
Well, it just means that anything that can go wrong will go wrong, around me.

— Milo, The Wilder West

Milo Danger Murphy ("Danger" pronounced [dɔ̃ˈʒe], do-jé) is the main and titular character of Milo Murphy's Law, voiced by Al Yankovic. He is the best friend of Melissa Chase and Zack Underwood, and is condemned to live his whole life under Murphy's Law: anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.


Milo is a very cheerful, good-hearted person. He is incredibly optimistic in the face of adversity and tends to view most situations in a positive and exciting way, regardless of the danger surrounding him. His attitude has the tendency to inspire those closest to him, and he's generally well liked by his community, although they avoid him more often than not on account of his condition.

Milo loves living with Murphy's Law, and he considers his life much more exciting than that of other kids, to the point that Melissa stopped looking for a cure because she realized he would never want one. Living with Murphy's Law made Milo very good at staying calm and improvising solutions, and when bad things happen to him (and they usually do), he often uses stuff from his backpack or his surroundings.

Screenshot (3243)

"I'm helping by not helping!"

Milo is very understanding when the people around him express doubts about his presence in certain situations, regardless of how close they are, and he will often leave on request to prevent Murphy's Law from interfering in delicate situations. He knows that they mean well, and he reassures them that they are right to be concerned.

Milo can, at times, be quite oblivious to the people around him, and the way he is being treated. He likes to see the best in everyone to the point he ignores and often fails to notice their behavior. He treats people well even when they're directly rude to him, as seen through Cavendish's entire one-sided rivalry with him in which he treated Milo in a very rude, condescending manner, or his excitement at being called Elliot's 'friend' in spite of the fact that it was clearly meant to be sarcastic.

On the occasion that somebody says something really awful towards him over his condition, Milo tends to simply remain silent or even walk away, leaving his friends to defend him.

He has a deep love and appreciation for his friends and family and enjoys spending time with them. When asked by Victor Verliezer what he liked more than anything, he promptly responded with 'My family'. In spite of his constant optimism, Milo has shown strong doubt over his decisions when Murphy's Law proves to be too much of a danger to the people he cares about, although he's quick to bounce back with the support of those close to him.

Physical Appearance

Milo is a young boy with light skin, dark brown eyes, and a round face with prominent cheeks and a pointed nose. His short brown hair sticks up at the front - a quirk very typical of males in the Murphy family line.

He wears a deep pink sweater vest with small, greyish-brown stripes over a pale-yellow short sleeve shirt that has a downturned collar. His shorts are light brown and end above his knees, with pockets and visible seams on the sides. He wears long white socks with a pair of his trademark shoes, brown slip-ons that he orders online from a company that guarantees same day delivery.

Milo is nearly always seen wearing his backpack, which is packed full of supplies to help him deal with anything Murphy's Law throws at him. His backpack is a dark green color with black straps and small black pockets on either side. There are diagonal black and yellow stripes reminiscent of a caution sign on the back, beneath the opening flap.

Milo is implied to have a number of scars caused by Murphy's Law related incidents, as shown in Going the Extra Milo when he thanked a construction worker for noticing his newest scar.

He often holds the top of his backpack straps with both hands while he walks, a stance mimicked by Zack at the end of the episode Smooth Opera-tor.

Skills and Abilities

From a young age, Milo has proven himself to be quite adept at dealing with Murphy's Law. Regardless of what's going wrong around him, he remains calm, constantly using both his backpack and his surroundings to improvise a solution. Even without his backpack, Milo has shown himself to be quick and resourceful, with a wide and unusual variety of skills.

Murphy's Law

Living with Murphy's Law has given Milo a number of abilities, including, but not limited to:

  • Building and repairing: On a number of occasions, Milo has shown himself to be proficient at building and repairing, having been the one to install an 'asteroid early warning' system on the roof of the Murphy house, and having turned his father's decommissioned truck into a haunted house. During their adventure's he's constantly fixing stuff as it goes wrong, from drinking fountains to ceiling vents.
  • Strength: Like his father, and likely others living with EHML, Milo seems to be unusually strong for a person his age. His backpack is full of tools and objects, including an anchor, and he constantly wears body armor that was heavy enough to pin Principal Milder to the floor ("Worked Day", "Athledecamathalon").

Musical Abilities

Milo has proven himself to have strong musical abilities, and he plays accordion in the band Just Getting Started. He does so while avoiding any potential disasters, often fighting against Murphy's Law as he plays, showing his skills with his instrument.

  • Accordion: Milo's trademark instrument is the accordion, which he carries around with him everywhere and plays with great proficiency. This is a nod to his voice actor, Al Yankovic, who is known for playing the accordion. In The Undergrounders, he plays it to distract Zack from his claustro-avoidance. He does the same in Fungus Among Us when he wants to annoy the giant Pistachion into attacking him.
  • Singing: Milo has shown, too, that he is a talented singer, often doing backup vocals alongside his accordion in Just Getting Started, and singing Toboggan of Love to Sara and Neal after accidentally ruining their date.


In spite of Murphy's Law related setbacks, Milo has gone out of his way to take a number of classes and to learn skills that aren't necessary to his survival.

  • Cooking: In Secrets and Pies, it is revealed that Milo had been taking cooking classes. While it is clear his friends don't trust his ability to cook without disaster, he manages to make some tasty looking mac and cheese before things go wrong.
  • Grappling Hook: In Milo Murphy's Halloween Scream-a-Torium!, Milo stated that he'd taken grappling hook classes, saying that they paid off after he was able to use the grappling hook properly on the first try.


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Brigette Murphy

Main article: Brigette and Milo's Relationship

Milo is close to his mother and seeks her advice when he is troubled.

Martin Murphy

Main article: Martin and Milo's Relationship

Milo is close with his father. They both suffer from Murphy's Law, and Milo often quotes his father's unusual words of wisdom in random situations.

Sara Murphy

Main article: Sara and Milo's Relationship

Milo is close to his sister. They are both fans of The Doctor Zone Files, and he puts a lot of effort into making sure Murphy's law doesn't interfere with her plans. While she tends to be paranoid about Murphy's Law, she doesn't let that stop them from hanging out constantly.


Main article: Milo and Diogee's Relationship

Diogee is Milo's dog. He usually appears unknowingly in situations where his owner is. Milo often tells Diogee to go home, and usually adds: "He's not supposed to be" wherever he is.


Melissa Chase

Main article: Melissa and Milo's Relationship

Melissa has been one of Milo's closest, and only, friends for years. They've been through numerous adventures together, and she sticks by him no matter what, even when most other kids avoid him. She says that Milo's tough because he seems to deal with misfortunes so easily.

Zack Underwood

Main article: Zack and Milo's Relationship

Milo meets Zack on his first day at Jefferson County Middle School. He helped Zack out when they missed the bus because a concrete drainage pipe chased them away. Zack initially decided that he would start avoiding Milo as soon as their first adventure ended, but changed his mind when Milo points out that living like him is more interesting than living like other kids.


Veronica was Milo's most competent babysitter, and the two of them are good friends to this day. She is the one who gave him his backpack.


Amanda Lopez

Main article: Amanda and Milo's Relationship

Amanda is one of Milo's classmates, and, like the others, is apprehensive of Murphy's Law. Her extreme love for perfect order and organization leads her to dislike being in Milo's presence, though he remains completely oblivious to this. Despite this, it is revealed in "Smooth Opera-tor" that Milo has a crush on her, and his constant perseverance causes her to take on a new view of him and his condition.

Mort Schaeffer

Milo and Mort are on friendly terms with each other. While Milo tends to apologize for any misfortune that befalls his classmates in his presence, Mort's easygoing attitude and beliefs lead him to put the blame on other stuff, such as a blocked chakra, rather than Murphy's Law. Mort becomes the drummer of their band, Just Getting Started, further revealing his lax attitude towards Milo's condition.

Bradley Nicholson

Main article: Bradley and Milo’s Relationship

Milo is friendly towards Bradley, who is jealous of the attention Milo gets and avoids him due to his unique misfortunes.


Vinnie Dakota

Main article: Dakota and Milo's Relationship

Milo and Dakota are warm towards each other and were quick to become friends, even in spite of Cavendish's initial hostilities towards the boy. During the mission to take down King Pistachion, Milo aided him and Cavendish in any way he could, and afterward, Dakota gifted him a clock from the Timestream as a souvenir of his adventure with them.

Balthazar Cavendish

Main article: Cavendish and Milo's Relationship

Milo was completely unaware of Cavendish's hostility towards him after they met, and he treated the time traveler well in spite of his rude behavior. After they defeated King Pistachion, Cavendish warmed up to the boy, and the two became friends. Milo is always happy to see him and tends to greet Cavendish whenever they cross paths.

Elliot Decker

Main article: Elliot and Milo's Relationship

Milo is warm and friendly with Elliot, while in Elliot's eyes Milo is a threat to the safety of the city. He is generally oblivious to Elliot's disdain for him, and most of the time he doesn't mind when the crossing guard wastes his time giving him trouble.

Orton Mahlson

Being a huge fan of The Doctor Zone Files, Milo was thrilled to meet Orton and was incredibly excited to be a part of his show. After ending up amidst the invasion, the two worked well together to survive against the Pistachions on the way to Professor Time's place. They are on friendly terms.

Lola Sunderguard

Milo and Lola seem happy and baffled to meet each other, most likely because they look just alike.


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“Diogee, go home!”
—Milo Murphy

“Life has a strange way of working out!”
—Milo Murphy

“You know what they say: Sticks and stones can damage your vital organs, so always wear body armor.”
—Milo Murphy[source]

“I find it doesn't help. Just hurt the larynx”
—Milo, commenting about screaming[source]

“My dad always says: What doesn't kill ya only makes you late for school.”
—Milo Murphy[source]

“Oh, look! A vitamin C tablet. What? It's cold and flu season.”
—Milo Murphy[source]

“I'm really looking forward to seeing some paleontology, archaeology, all the "-ologys" really.”
—Milo Murphy[source]

“I'm sure it'll all work out.”
—Mio Murphy[source]

“I never understood why people need a rally to get peppy. Does that make you feel peppier?”
—Milo Murphy[source]

“I haven't been to a game since. I do get nice thank you notes from the team though. You know, for staying away.”
—Milo Murphy[source]

“You know what they say: Whatever breaks our eggs, only helps our egg-dropping contraption to use what we know of gravity, inertia and weight distribution better.”
—Milo Murphy[source]

“I'm helping by not helping.”
—Milo Murphy[source]

“Well, that's the thing about Murphy's Law: it's unpredictable!”
—Milo Murphy[source]

“Ice cream and cake? Correction: This is better than the best birthday ever!”
—Milo Murphy[source]

“But what if I want to be an ophthalmolic laboratory technician?”
—Milo Murphy[source]

“And some of these don't even sound like real jobs. Animator? I think it's a typo. But what if that is a real job? How will I ever decide?”
—Milo Murphy[source]

“Ah, the great outdoors. The sky is blue, the fields are wide open... It's just so peaceful”
—Milo Murphy[source]

“You can't keep danger away, but why seek it out?”
—Milo Murphy[source]

“And my seat cushion doubles as a flotation device and a spare spare spare, spare.”
—Milo Murphy[source]

“Sometimes the interruptions are half the fun, and sometimes they're mind-bogglingly terrifying. I can't wait to see which one this is.”
—Milo Murphy[source]

“It's probably Murphy's Law, it does tend to keep you on your toes. Just turn into the skid, we'll be fine.”
—Milo, comforting Mr. Brulee[source]

“That's what I love about vacations, going with the flow.”
—Milo Murphy[source]

“It's like my dad always says, "Family vacations are the only trip you take where you go away to get closer to what you already have."”
—Milo Murphy[source]

“You know, no matter how many times I come to Lard World, I'm always surprised how much fun you can have with rendered pig fat.”
—Milo Murphy[source]

“Guys. I think you know, and I know, that it's time we went on the scariest lard based ride, Greased Thunder!”
—Milo Murphy[source]

“To be fair, from above my head does look like mahogany.”
—Milo Murphy[source]

“I've been taking a cooking class at the local community college, or at least I was, till the ovens blew up. But I learned a lot. So I'm going to cook dinner for you guys!”
—Milo Murphy[source]

“Too late, it's already ready already. Here you go! Mac and cheese.”
—Milo Murphy[source]

“No, everybody wait. Don’t you see? Before we were playing on an uneven playing field. It was physically even but it was figuratively uneven because the middlemen had time to practice and we didn’t. But now the field is literally uneven which makes it figuratively even for us because I’ve spent my entire life learning to deal with things that are uneven, physically! None of these guys have had to deal with Murphy’s Law. I have! Which means that we have! Are you with me?”
—Milo Murphy[source]

“I know! I got to hold a grenade launcher.”
—Milo Murphy[source]

“Wait a minute. The three phases of matter. We can turn it into a solid.”
—Milo, figuring out how to defeat the sentient blob[source]

“Well, it’s just like my dad says: "All’s well that ends with a sentient blob making a teacher remember why she loves teaching."”
—Milo Murphy[source]

“I’m looking for the boy who’s been thwarting our mission time and time again. The enemy agent.”
—Cavendish, referring to Milo[source]

“You might not want to... use a 10-watt power-strip for a 50-watt line.”
—Milo Murphy[source]

“Yeah, he can operate a fuse box. Big whoop.”
—Vinnie Dakota[source]

“I'm preparing for all of the above. Plus, electrical fires, building instabilities, or llama stampedes.”
—Milo Murphy[source]

“I thought you said the "Just relax", and something; I don't know what the rest was. I got carried off on a shopping cart.”
—Milo Murphy[source]

“He's a wise and mysterious force who guides us on quests toward enlightenment.”
—Milo, referring to Fred[source]

“It's like my dad always says, "The only way out is through a creepy dark corridor."”
—Milo Murphy[source]

“My dad always says, "When one door closes, there's usually access through a vent in the roof."”
—Milo Murphy[source]

“Melissa, this is a 1901 Vandervert Douse Master 4! This has dozens of unique innovations for fighting fires! For example, the water tank back here has a wind turbine that spins while you're driving! That way, when they got there, they'd have enough pressure to shoot the water all the way up to the third story! There's a pneumatic secondary braking system on the back... The first ever ladder that was actually attached to the top of a truck... And look, the bell has a little string so you can ring it by hand... I guess that's not as impressive as the rest of it, but over here, it has an in-dash radio! And radios weren't even invented yet! And this truck also has the distinction of being the first ever to have a Dalmatian as a mascot. It was a truck like this that saved my grandfather after he accidentally ate all those balloons!”
—Milo, excitedly demonstrating the 1901 Vandervert Douse Master 4[source]

“Now there's something you don't often see, a wheel of giant corn-dogs passing you on the street!”
—Milo Murphy[source]

“Yes, but the Pistacia vera is a very sturdy wood. That should leave me enough time to tell you about the seat-belts.”
—Milo Murphy[source]

“My backpack! Guys, we gotta go back for my back...pack. Whoa. Are we time-travelling?”
—Milo Murphy[source]

“So where are we going? Or, should I say, "When?"”
—Milo Murphy[source]

“Wow, if it wasn't for that peach, we would have stepped out there and gotten caught.”
—Milo Murphy[source]

“Well, I just try to be prepared, you know, Murphy's law!”
—Milo Murphy[source]

“Wait: the guy who invented time travel was named Professor Time?”
—Milo Murphy[source]

“Hey, pistachions! You can't get us; you're too busy doing photosynthesis!”
—Milo Murphy[source]

“Melissa, Zack, my backpack, Sara!”
—Milo Murphy[source]

“We're in the girls' bathroom.”
—Milo, covering his eyes.[source]

“But, whatever will we do, Doctor?”
—Milo Murphy[source]

His movies taught me that when something's in your way, it's not a problem; it's a challenge!”
—Milo Murphy[source]

“I have no plans to eat your soul. I was just hoping to find an autograph.”
—Milo Murphy[source]

“Wow! I love nature — when it's not on fire. The trees, the skies, chirping birds, the fresh smell of leaves, the cruel indifference of larger animals devouring smaller animals, the pine-cones, the flowers, and the annoying nibble of small woodland creatures that have no idea what personal space is. Ah. Isn't this the perfect spot?”
—Milo Murphy[source]

“I'm gonna sleep like a log. Or any other sleepy, wood-based object.”
—Milo Murphy[source]

“You know, us Murphys love the sea. My great-great-grandfather was the captain of the S.S. Murphy. But it was lost.”
—Milo Murphy[source]

“My old weather almanac. According to this, there will be a super-mega-high tide which only happens once every fifty years.”
—Milo Murphy[source]

“Like my dad always says, "School is a mix of reading, writing and fiery explosions."”
—Milo Murphy[source]

“They'll understand one day when they have... us.”
—Milo Murphy[source]

“You guys will have the backpack, and I'll have my motivational mantras, like this one: "Don't stop swimming, or you'll die." Or maybe that's just sharks.”
—Milo Murphy[source]

“Oops! Gotta go! You know what they say: "If everyone's running, they're probably running from you!"”
—Milo Murphy[source]

“You can do it, guys! The only thing we have to fear is harpoons and Feeding Frenzy!”
—Milo Murphy[source]

“Come on, guys! It's time to go full Megalodon! Nothing can break your bones when you're cartilaginous! That's not a seal; that's a surfer!”
—Milo Murphy[source]

“Did you guys know those plastic things on the end of shoelaces are called aglets?”
—Milo Murphy[source]

“Previously on Milo Murphy's Law. When time travelers Cavendish and Dakota saved a pistachio plant at my school, that plant grew up, became sentient, and took over the future! I guess whatever can go wrong, really does go wrong! Luckily, we were able to defeat them here in the present, thus saving the future from a vegetary dictatorship. But the crazy thing is, we found out that I was in an episode of Doctor Zone from 1965 — before I was born! And I sent a letter from 1965 to my friends in the present. How did that happen? Stay tuned for this episode of Milo Murphy's Law!”
—Milo, narrating the episode[source]

“We'll ask the questions, scumbag. Just give me an excuse, punk! Let me at him! I'm gonna... I'm gonna, whoa! I'm watching you, shrimptoes!”
—Milo, interrogating furiously to the intern[source]


  • Milo Murphy was shown in a tweet by "Weird Al" Yankovic on Twitter, making fans suggest that "Weird" Al Yankovic could be the voice actor of Milo Murphy.[2] This was later confirmed when the show entered production.[3]
  • Milo is the youngest member of the Murphy family.[4]
  • Milo owns an accordion, as seen in The Undergrounders after the train car tumbles down the hill. This is a nod to his voice actor, Al Yankovic, who is an accordion player himself. He uses a different one while part of Just Getting Started.
  • He was originally going to be named Mikey, as Mikey Murphy's Law was the show's original working title, but his name was later changed to Milo for unknown reasons.
  • Milo is the only character to appear in every episode.
  • He sometimes quotes his father.
  • In "The Wilder West", he revealed that he is the seventh generation of his family who gets affected by Murphy's Law.
  • His middle name is his grandmother's maiden name (Danger).
  • Dan Povenmire, co-creator of Milo Murphy's Law, was a director of the '90s nicktoon Hey Arnold! before Milo Murphy's Law. It also included a character, Eugene Horowitz, who is not bothered by his bad luck.


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