Milo's Birthday Bash
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Milo couldn't be happier.
Play Park Go-Cart Fun Track
Milo's family, friends and classmates.
Birthday party/go-cart race/explosive cakes and icecream

Milo's Birthday Bash was Milo's surprise birthday party held in the episode, Party of Peril.

This was Milo's first real birthday party in years. It occurred at a go-kart track called Play Park Go-Cart Fun Track. When Mort's go-cart goes off track, it sends Amanda's bubble machine flying into the street between two trucks. After it was discovered that Diogee ate all the cake and ice cream, some loose baloons distracted the pilot of a plane filled with TNT resulting in what looked like fireworks. Then different cake and ice cream from other nearby planes crashed together causing their contents to rain down on the party. Milo could not have been more thankful.


  • Milo's most previous birthday party resulted in a clown leaving on a gurney.
  • Melissa used Amanda's compulsion to organise the unorganised to trick her into organizing the party.
  • Melissa used Elliot to stall Milo on his way to the Play Park.


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