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Milo's Backpack is a constant accessory of Milo's that contains a vast assortment of items to help him deal with the consequences of Murphy's Law. It originally belonged to Milo's last babysitter Veronica.


Theme Song

  • an O picket sign

Going the Extra Milo

  • 2 Helmets
  • map
  • galoshes
  • peanutbutter and jelly sandwich
  • 2 head torches
  • dog treat

Sunny Side Up

  • binoculars
  • telescope

The Undergrounders

  • seat belt
  • at least 4 Paris posters
  • accordion
  • key
  • 3 granola bars

The Doctor Zone Files

  • spare hazard protection suit

The Note

  • long doctor's note

Party of Peril

  • wrench
  • duck

Worked Day

  • giant inflatable snowman
  • hammer
  • flashlight
  • two man saw
  • pick axe
  • frying pan
  • fire extinguisher
  • anchor

The Wilder West

  • 3 horse helmets
  • Lacross stick
  • muleta
  • steering wheel
  • piggy bank
  • paddle
  • rubber dingy

Family Vacation

  • alternator
  • flotation device
  • rope
  • magazine

Secrets and Pies

  • sluet/chef hat
  • ground-pepper shaker

We're Going to the Zoo

  • N=net
  • tee-shirt cannon
  • banana calone

School Dance

  • punch bowl sealant
  • liquid nitrogen
  • night-vision goggles
  • scissors
  • 5 Clothes pins
  • glue
  • screw driver

The Math Book

  • candelabra
  • Croquet mallet
  • 3 dust-filtering masks with animal faces
  • 2 goggles
  • lamp

The Little Engine that Couldn't

  • Umbrella

The Llama Incident

  • same tee-shirt cannon
  • short rope
  • serving size bag of pistachios
  • 2 seatbelts

Missing Milo

  • bicycle tire
  • 3 hedge trimmers
  • baseball
  • apple
  • salt block
  • umbrella
  • cable snares
  • triple extra large straight jacket
  • wind chimes
  • air mattress
  • woodpecker whistle


  • The backpack appears to operate on the concept of Hammerspace, as it seems to contain far more objects - and larger objects - than it should be capable of based on its size.
  • Milo does not have it during the Athledecamathalon.
  • The amount of Stripes in it keeps changing.
  • Milo's backpack is similar to Wander's hat from Wander Over Yonder as it is a thing that happens to give the owner whatever they need in that certain moment.

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