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Milo's Backpack is a constant - and seemingly bottomless - accessory of Milo's that contains a vast assortment of items to help him deal with the consequences of Murphy's Law. It originally belonged to Milo's last babysitter Veronica.


It is dark brown with a small black pocket on either side. It also has yellow and black stripes like those on DO NOT CROSS strips by the opening flap.


List of items taken out of Milo's backpack


  • The backpack appears to operate on the concept of Hammerspace, as it seems to contain far more objects - and larger objects - than it should be capable of by its size.
  • Milo does not have it during the Athledecamathalon.
  • He has a different backpack for backpacking.
  • The amount of stripes on it keeps changing.
  • He always keeps an anchor in it.

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