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Max is the namesake of Lumbermax and the current leader of the band following the departure of Zack Underwood, whom Max now considers a rival. He uses to go forward with his thoughts without caring of what other people says, for example when Zack was explaining he didn't want to be back in their band, he kept talking like if he accepted. He looks very sure of himself and unpleasant especially towards Zack, who define as an "immature musician".


As revealed in Secrets and Pies, Max was originally part of the band The Lumberzacks with Zack, with on of the group's songs Chop Away at My Heart and their band name being inspired by all five members of the group happening to have identical lumberjack-like outfits. After leaving the band, Zack is shown to be embarrassed by the fact that he was once part of it.

In Battle of the Bands, it is revealed that Max has renamed the band Lumbermax, with the other three band members supposedly changing their names to Max as well. Upon spotting Zack, who is now part of Just Getting Started, Max expresses the belief that they are now rivals, though Zack initially expresses no interest in confrontation. Zack subsequently revealed that a girl "came between" him and Max in reality she just got into line after Zack and before Max before walking away-prior to Zack leaving the band. Max claims that the band is doing well with their own corporate deal, though their current song is merely Chop Away at My Heart with the word "Saw" substituted for "Chop." After Just Getting Started's success, Max attempts to convince Zack to rejoin the group and acts like it's happening despite Zack's denials until he is shut down by Slash.


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