Marcus Underwood
Gender: Male
Friends and Family
Eileen Underwood (wife)
Zack Underwood (son)
Two more unnamed sons
Martin Murphy
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "Murphy's Lard"
Voiced by:
Phil LaMarr
Marcus: Oh, that's not a curse! That's just inexperienced casting.

— Marcus after Murphy's Law ruins his hat on a fishing trip

Marcus Underwood is the husband of Doctor Eileen Underwood and the father of Zack Underwood.

He is voiced by Phil LaMarr.

Physical Appearance

Marcus has a round face, dark skin, short brown hair that is receding and a goatee.

He wears a blue baseball cap and a lighter blue short-sleeved shirt alongside a pair of beige shorts with brown sandals that have a single strap across the foot.


He seems to be easy going and calm under pressure, as shown during his and Zack's fishing trip with Martin and Milo. Initially, he was skeptical of the existence of Murphy's Law, attributing the mishaps to things like 'inexperienced casting'. But once things really started going wrong he was quick to help.

He loves to scare his son and has been doing so all of Zack's life.


Before Zack and Milo met

He was shown in a flashback with his son and his wife on a boating trip where Zack got scared by a fish that landed on their boat ("Murphy's Lard").

Later on

Marcus, Zack, Milo, and Milo's dad went on a fishing trip on Murphy's Yaw. At first, he doesn't believe in Murphy's Law, but throughout the day he eventually believes in the Murphy family curse ("Time Out").

He and his wife were at a spa while their son and his friends went camping ("Perchance to Sleepwalk").

His son revealed that he scared Zack every Halloween, much to his amusement. His most recent attempt had him dressed as a fish, his son's worst fear ("Milo Murphy's Halloween Scream-a-Torium!").

He and his wife went to a Chinese restaurant at the mall with the Murphys, the Chases, Mort and Amanda ("A Christmas Peril").


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