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On the Disney XD cartoon Milo Murphy's Law, there are three main characters, those being the eponymous Milo Murphy, and his two friends Melissa Chase and Zack Underwood. A majority of the episodes star and feature these three characters in their daily lives as a middle schooler, although it is possible for Melissa or Zack to either have a minor role in certain episodes, or to not appear at all.

List of Main Characters

Image Name Description
TS79 Milo Murphy Milo is the protagonist of Milo Murphy's Law, voiced by "Weird Al" Yankovic. He has a reputation for inheriting Murphy's Law and bringing bad luck with him, but he is always optimistic and finds ways to overcome it. He carries a seemingly bottomless backpack with him that always seems to have what he needs for any given situation. It was given to him by his old babysitter, Veronica, whom was the only one able to handle Murphy's Law.
Screenshot (3258) Melissa Chase Melissa, voiced by Sabrina Carpenter, is the show's deuteragonist and a long-time friend of Milo's who likes to hang out with him despite his bad luck, being the first person brave enough to hang out with him. She is quite smart, but also a little scatterbrained, as she often forgets some of her personal belongings. Melissa is also extremely confident and enjoys betting on the results of Murphy's Law.
Llama 11 Zack Underwood Voiced by Mekai Curtis, Zack is the show's tritagonist, and the new kid in Danville who becomes friends with Milo and Melissa, sticking by Milo's side, despite Murphy's Law. As the new kid, Zack often fills the role of a straight man. He was once the lead singer of a boy band called The Lumberzacks, and later leads a new band with Milo and Melissa. Zack also appears claustro-avoidant, and has a fear of fish.


  • The three main characters trust each other with anything, such as sharing their secret with each other ("Secrets and Pies"), as well as their fears ("Murphy's Lard").
  • Milo is the youngest of the three main characters, while Zack is the oldest.
  • Melissa is the only girl in the group of main characters. She's also the only main character whose eyes have pupils.


The image gallery for the Main Characters as a group may be viewed here.

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