Lola Sunderguard
Gender: Female
Age: Possibly the same as Milo
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "The Note"
Voiced by:
Haley Tju
Please excuse... Lola Sunderguard? This isn't my note. Who's Lola Sunderguard?

— Milo Murphy, The Note

Lola Sunderguard is a character who appeared in The Note. Milo accidentally finds her doctor's note instead of his.

She is voiced by Haley Tju.


Lola, her two friends, and a pig, intentionally look and behave similarly to Milo, Melissa, Zack, and Diogee respectively. While Milo and Lola seem happy and baffled to meet each other, Melissa and Zack greet their look-a-like with a simple "Hey", while Diogee and the pig seem surprised by each other.

Physical Appearance

Lola Sunderguard looks a lot like Milo, with a round, pale face, a pointed nose, and a cowlick nearly identical to his own. The only major differences between them being Lola's long ponytail and visible eyelashes.

She wears a sleeveless pink turtleneck sweater with darker pink stripes, a light yellow pleated skirt, and a pair of small yellow earrings that match the band in her hair. Her backpack is a deep yellow color with black straps, zippers, and pockets.


Milo Murphy

Milo and Lola seem happy and baffled to meet each other, probably because they look so much alike.



“Oh, great! You found my doctor's note. Thanks”
—Lola Sunderguard[source]



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