In Milo Murphy's Law, there's a variety of locations Milo and friends visit and have their adventures. Here is a list of them.

Greater Locations

Image Name Description
TheCityOfDanvilleMissingMilo Danville The main locale in Milo Murphy's Law, where Milo lives and experiences most of his adventures caused by Murphy's Law. It is coincidentally the same city Phineas and Ferb from the eponymous show live, but only a few neighborhoods away from the specific portion Milo lives, Jefferson County.
MM act1 269 Time Stream A transtemporal location characters reside in when they travel to another time period with a Time Vehicle, an invention of Professor Time. One needs Time Juice to safely enter and exit the Time Stream. The B.O.T.T. makes frequent usage of time travel, and thus also the Time Stream.
MM act1 314 2175 Danville in 2175 is where Dakota and Cavendish came from, as well as the other known members to the Bureau of Time Travel. Milo's first time visiting the future is when the Pistashions have successfully taken over the world.

Locations in Danville

Image Name Description
1 It begins Jefferson County Middle School Named after the founder of Jefferson County, this is the middle school Milo, Melissa and Zack attend alongside Bradley, Mort, Amanda and various other students.
Screenshot (3045) Subterranus A subterranean society made by the Undergrounders, after getting stuck in the underground of Danville. Scott is currently the only resident after the Undergrounders have reached the surface.
Time Bureau Bureau of Time Travel Located in Danville of 2175, this is the building of the organization that travels back in time to prevent disasters on a global scale.
Screenshot (3145) Lard World A lard-themed amusement park Milo is a fan of. The Pistashions have turned it in a human detention center and base of operations during the second Pistashion Takeover.
Screenshot (3610) Movie Theater Milo, Melissa, Zack and Sara have stood in the queue outside of this building to watch The Doctor Zone Files: The Movie Files.
GoKart1 Play Park Go-Cart Fun Track A go-karting track Zack, Melissa, Martin and Brigette held Milo's birthday party at.
OperaHouse Opera House An operatic Milo, Melissa, Zack and Amanda visited to watch The Mezzo-Sopranos opera show. Dakota and Cavendish also attended the concession stand as one of their missions.
50 going to the zoo Animal Sanctuary Zoo A zoo Cavendish and Dakota had to protect pistachios at, much to Dakota's delight.
Llama 76 Equity Waiver A llama theater owned by Edwin Garner, that has since its original founding fifteen years ago, been expanded to a whole string of llama theaters within a single district. The original theater is where the Llama Incident began.
VtechCorpBuilding Vtech Corp Inc. The headquarters of Victor Verliezer's technology corporation. Milo, Melissa and Zack had visited a conference there and witnessed the reveal of C.I.D.D.
CoyoteWoods Coyote Woods A wolf preserve named after Peter Coyote. Milo and Zack got chased by wolves there on the first day of school.
NaturalHistory (3) Natural History Museum A museum that occasionally gets visited by Milo's class.
Screenshot (4410) Hospital Danville's local hospital gets occasionally visited. Zack's mom works as a doctor there, and this building has a suite specially designed for injured Murphys.
Ye Olde Pizza A medieval-themed pizza restaurant which Milo's former babysitter Veronica works at.
LETC 192 Fire Engine Museum A museum not too far away from the Natural History Museum, although nearly not visited as much. Melissa's dad had to bring a decommissioned fire engine there.
Love Toboggan 22 The Diner Downtown A diner in downtown Danville where Sara had her lunch with Neal.


Image Name Description
MurphyHouse Murphy Residence Milo's house. The backyard has a treehouse, which Milo, Zack and Melissa used for their egg-dropping assignment for school. As of Season 2, Doofenshmirtz resides here as well.
ChaseHouse Chase Residence Melissa's house. She has a secret basement in which she has collected tons of pictures of Milo and objects used by him, which she used to research Murphy's Law.
UnderwoodHouse (1) Underwood Residence Zack's house.
PTS 29 Strip Mall A two-story building, in which one of the offices Dakota and Cavendish reside in present time, and receive missions from Mr. Block. Their landlord is Mr. Phillips.
SchaefferHouse Schaeffer Residence Mort's house. Melissa has visited this place once to invite Mort to the surprise birthday party for Milo.
Decker Residence Elliot's house, who still lives with his mother.
DoofenshmirtzEvilInc Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc. Doofenshmirtz's building before it got leveled, and his base of operations in Phineas and Ferb. Has its own jingle. The address of Doofenshmirtz's own apartment appears to be 9297 Polly Parkway.
ScottsHouse Scott's Residence Despite having Subterranus all to himself, Scott still has a designated house in the mostly-abandoned underground town. He explains to Zack and Melissa that he keeps his bread there. Scott can often be seen on his porch, relaxing with Mildred.
MM act3 133 Mahlson Residence Orton Mahlson's home after retirement, placed on top of a hill, with a greenhouse in the backyard. Sara occasionally stares at it behind a tree.

Locations Outside Danville

Image Name Description
ORR 1 Nowhere Desert Dude Ranch Also known as the "Off-Ramp Ranch", this ranch is located just outside Danville and handled by Javier. Zack also meets Jackie here, on whom he had experienced a short-lived crush.
SomeLikeItYacht Remote Island An island the students of Jefferson County Middle School got stuck on after the S.S. Indulgence stranded on its shore. Notably, the faculty went feral during their stay.
Love Toboggan 12 Bluster Mountain A snowy mountain with a ski resort, located outside of Danville. Milo, Melissa, Zack and Martin visit Bluster Mountain to ski there while Sara is on her date-not-date with Neal. Unfortunately, Milo, Melissa and Zack get launched right back into Danville on a toboggan due to Murphy's Law.
TIoLD (161) The Island of Lost Dakotas A remote island that is the home of the Lost Dakotas, hundreds of Dakota paradoxes left from traveling back to the past to prevent Cavendish from dying. The island itself has many hazards, but the Dakotas live in a safe, self-established village where they produce laceless shoes and environment-unfriendly orange soda.
Fungus (125) Balsawood Studios A studio in New Zealand where Orton Mahlson begins production of Doctor Zone in 1965. Unfortunately, Derek has used this studio as a starting place for the second Pistashion Takeover before he got eliminated.

Minor Locations

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