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Lard World
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Vital statistics
Type Theme Park
Level Unknown
Location Near Danville
Inhabitants Unknown
Lard World is a theme park based, as its name suggests, on lard; its mascot is Lardee Boy. It has its own theme, which explains some attractions. It contains the Greased Thunder rollercoaster (which has been said to resemble Phineas and Ferb's style), it used to sustain before Milo and Melissa rode it and the consequences of Murphy's Law destroyed it. It also has a Lard Submarine which goes inside a lard lake where people can be amused by a large variety of meat stuck in the lard, and a cooking pan with fake eggs on it, where people sit. The cooking pan moves the eggs and launches them in the air like the cooker cooking eggs cliché.


Lard World first appears in Family Vacation when Milo Murphy and the Brulee twin sisters spot it on their way to meet the rest of the Murphy family.

It gets a full appearance in Murphy's Lard when Milo, Zack, and Melissa visit the park, as did Cavendish and Dakota trying to protect a pistachio stand From a flaming pig.

Cavendish and Dakota later returned as customers as part of their ditch day in Perchance to Sleepwalk (and rode Greased Thunder.)

In Love Toboggan Milo, Melissa, Zack, Sara, and Neal involuntarily ride an overheated boiler propelled toboggan through the park.

In Fungus Among Us, it is where Derek and his goons imprison all the people they pose as. There was one huge pistachion masquerading as Lardee Boy.




  • Greased Thunder (rollercoaster)
  • Donut Mountain (Water Ride; Water Replaced With Lard)
  • Lard Museum
  • Lardcano Lagoon Submarine Voyage
  • unnamed spinning ride