Kyle Drako
Gender: Male
Age: 50
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "Worked Day"
Last Appearance:
  "Milo Murphy's Halloween Scream-a-Torium!"
Voiced by:
Michael Culross

Kyle Drako is a Jefferson County Middle School teacher. He looks like and seems to act like a vampire.

He is voiced by Michael Culross.


Kyle Drako is warm to his students. He helps them however he can, as he told Milo where all the T-shirts were going. His habit of covering himself in sunscreen and resting in small spaces, along with his appearance and voice has led to rumors that he is a vampire.


Kyle Drako is a tall man with pale skin and receding black, graying hair. He has a long face with a pointed chin. He has a unibrow.

He wears a black jacket over an orange Henley shirt, khaki pants, and gray sneakers.


He received a CT scan; when told by the nurse to keep his arms at his sides rather than folded over his chest, he found it "unnatural." When the machine began to malfunction, he initially blames it on his failure to keep his arms at his sides and is then horrifyingly launched from the machine, down the hallway, out of a window and into the street, after which he is seen rolling down the sidewalk. ("Worked Day")

Chad accused him of being a vampire, and he revealed that he had covered pictures of his ex-wife all around his classroom. He then informed the students that due to the school board's purchase of the S.S. Indulgence, they will be combining the academic and athletic decathlons, something he could have informed them of three months ago. He also oversaw the event on his hoverboard wearing sunscreen and an umbrella hat, and then had his car wrecked by one of the events; after another event, Milo took part in wrecks the field, he advised the students to continue. He also introduced a final event using expensive technology; when Melissa asked him how he afforded it but not two separate decathlons, he called it "a funny story...for another time." ("Acadecamathalon")

Mr. Drako volunteered at a donation center that accepts old clothing, which is where he obtained a cape. He also informed Milo, Melissa, Zack, and Sara that Milo's mother's vintage T-shirts, which they accidentally donated, were being sent to the mulching center. ("We're Going to the Zoo")

Chad feared that Cavendish and Dakota, who had come to a school dance with wooden stakes, were vampire hunters out to get Mr. Drako. However, the pair encountered Mr. Drako and parted ways without issue; Mr. Drako also wore his cape, though he referred to it as a "poncho" and claimed that his house "gets so little natural light, it's like a dark box that I sleep in".

Milo, Melissa, and Zack found him in a locker in the school janitor's room that he claimed to have gotten locked in while looking for a mop; after they left, he closed the locker door with himself still inside. ("The Math Book")

When Milo went missing, Mr. Drako told Melissa that he had not seen him. ("Missing Milo")

On a school field trip, Mr. Drako helped the students fix the S.S. Indulgence after the rest of the faculty went feral. ("Some Like it Yacht")

He greeted students and their parents when they arrived at school on Back to School Night and glided by on his hoverboard when they were about to leave. ("Backward to School Night")

In the course of Derek's overthrow of humanity, Mr. Drako had been replaced by a pistachion. ("Fungus Among Us")

He was seen in Milo's haunted house reading a newspaper in a coffin. He is slightly insulted when he learned Sara did not like his shop class. ("Milo Murphy's Halloween Scream-a-Torium!")


  • His last name is a shortened version of the name of the legendary lord of vampires, Count Dracula.
  • "Drako" is the Ancient Greek form of the Latin word "draco" which means "dragon".
  • He owns a hoverboard.
  • He volunteers at a thrift store on weekends.
  • He speaks with an Eastern European accent.


Drako in theme song
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