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Kris portrait
Gender: Female
Age: Around 17
Friends and Family
Sara Murphy
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "The Doctor Zone Files"
Voiced by:
Alyson Stoner

Kris is a teenage girl and fan of The Doctor Zone Files who is often in the company of Wally.

Physical Appearance

Kris has pale pinkish skin, dark brown eyes and long black hair that's dyed blue at the ends and is kept back by her purple stocking hat. She has trapezoidal wire frame glasses. She wears a white short sleeve tee shirt over a black long sleeve tee shirt, both loosely tucked into her torn grey jeans. She sits and stands with a slightly slouched posture.


Kris's sole reason for being seems to be the pursuit of Dr. Zone. She is indifferent and dismissive of anyone lacking Dr. Zone knowledge, hostile and combative toward anyone who is misleading or challenges Dr. Zone lore and is warm and receptive to those who are able to impress her with their own Dr. Zone knowledge.


Not counting her cameo in the title sequence, Kris first appeared in the episode The Doctor Zone Files standing in line to see a Dr. Zone movie. At first, she is somewhat hostile toward Melissa and Zack for being "newbies". She becomes even more hostile when Melissa and Zack come up with the theory that Time Ape and Dr. Zone are brothers. Later, when it is revealed that Time Ape and Dr. Zone are brothers, Kris is impressed and looks toward Melissa and Zack approvingly and chant "Newbie".

Kris reappears in The Wilder West when Sara calls her to come see a likely filming location of Dr. Zone. After taking pictures and posing in front of various backdrops she is dismayed by the possibility that the location is famed due to an old racehorse corralled there named Doctor Zone. Afterward, Kris and the other "Zonies" leave in disgust, completely abandoning Sara.

In A Clockwork Origin, she is seen at V-tech.

In World Without Milo, she is seen attending Jefferson County Middle School in an alternate timeline.

In Fungus Among Us, she is seen among the pistachions' prisoners at Lard World.


Kris and Wally, Zonies
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