23 new band in town

Just Role with It is a song is performed by the band Just Getting Started at the Niegra Falls Fling in the episode School Dance. Milo has the idea of playing it as he sees that the original band had disappeared.

This symbol: [...] means that part of the song's lyrics is missing due to the difficulty of understanding it. Please add it as soon as possible.


Instrumental intro

(Just roll with it)

Zack: Sometimes it looks like there is no solution

Whole group: You wish you had a stronger constitution

(The song continues under voices.)

Lydia: Amanda, come dance! [...]

(?We're back to play[...])

Amanda: Can't. I have to find out whose shoe this is. Whoever it this, fixed all of this. He's my hero. [...]

(?[...] say my name. [...])

Lydia: Well, that's obvious! (points at Milo playing the accordion and tapping his shoeless right foot) [...]

Zack:[...]...that ya gonna do.

Milo: (singing) There's gotta be something that'll get you through.

Whole group: The world is gonna shake ya, but don't you let it brake you too. Yeeaah

Amanda: Milo?

Milo: (talking) Oh there's my shoe! Thanks!

Amanda: No, thank you Milo. Wanna dance?

Milo: I'd love to but I'm... playing accordion right now. Maybe later?

Amanda: Oh oh, right. Yeah, sure.

(Just roll with it)

Just roll with it

Just roll with it

Amanda: (to Lydia) Take five, I'm having fun for me now.

(Just roll with it)

Zack: You've got to know to let go, and just roll with it.

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