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Just Getting Started is a band made up of Zack Underwood, Melissa Chase, Milo Murphy and Mort Schaeffer, who's first official performance occurs in Battle of the Bands.

They first had the idea of forming a band in Secrets and Pies when Milo and Melissa discover Zack used to sing in a boyband. Melissa says she can play the bass and Milo the accordion, which Zack comments saying that is "potentially cool in a kinda hipster way".

In School Dance they perform for the first time after the hired band disappears and Milo fixed the decorations (although they didn't decide their name yet). Their name came as a misunderstanding while they were getting registered for the titular event in the episode Battle of the Bands.

In Disaster of My Dreams they practice in the band room of Jefferson County Middle School twice. The second session was while Elliot is chasing the huge spherical boulder.



6 wristbands


  • Milo's playing an accordion is a nod to his voice actor, Al Yankovic, who is well known for playing the accordion.
  • The name of the band is based off a song sung by the band Loverboy, which is also named Just Getting Started.

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