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Just Getting Started is a band made up of Zack Underwood, Melissa Chase, Milo Murphy and Mort Schaeffer, who's first official performance occurs in "Battle of the Bands".

They first had the idea of forming a band in "Secrets and Pies" when Milo and Melissa discover Zack used to sing in a boyband. Melissa says she can play the bass and Milo the accordion, which Zack comments saying that is "potentially cool in a kinda hipster way".

In "School Dance" they perform for the first time although they didn't decide their name yet. Their name came as a misunderstanding while they were getting registered for the titular event in the episode "Battle of the Bands".


"Just Roll With It"

"A Bumpy Ride Tonight"


6 wristbands


  • Milo's playing an accordion is a nod to his voice actor, Al Yankovic, who is well known for playing the accordion.
  • The name of the band is based off a song from the band, Loverboy, which is also named Just Getting Started.

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