Gender: Female
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First Appearance:
  "The Undergrounders" (cameo)
Voiced by:
Phoebe S. Hughes

Joni is a student of Jefferson County Middle School and one of Milo's classmates. She tends to be very accident prone.

She is voiced by Phoebe S. Hughes.


Joni seems to be very accident prone and tends to fall victim to minor incidents of Murphy's Law more often than other students in her class, often over her own carelessness and plain out misfortune.

She's very friendly, and while she avoids Milo over his condition, she doesn't seem to fear him to the extent that other students do.

Physical Appearance

Joni has a round face, prominent lips, and turquoise eyes with visible pupils and eyelashes. She has bangs and wears her thick brown hair in a long ponytail, tied back with a green hairband.

Joni wears a light green sleeveless shirt with a darker green collar alongside a pale colored skirt with vertical stripes in a darker shade. Her shoes are light grey loafers with dark heels and white soles, and she wears a pair of blue earrings.


In The Undergrounders she attends the field trip to the natural history museum.

In Rooting for the Enemy she was seen at the football game, she tells Milo she just got her cast off when he asks her to sit with him and Melissa.

In The Doctor Zone Files, she is seen in line for the Doctor Zone movie.

In Party of Peril, she is seen Scuba diving with electric eels and questions going to Milo's birthday party.

In Worked Day she is seen attending Career Day.

In Murphy's Lard, she is seen at Lard World.

In The Substitute, she gets her ponytail caught in the pencil sharpener and the Sentient Blob turns the handle, getting her stuck.

In Disaster of My Dreams, she is seen in the halls.

In Some Like it Yacht, she attends the class trip to the S.S. Indulgence and gets stranded on the island for an hour before surfing the ship back home.

In Fungus Among Us, she is taken captive by the Pistachions.


Milo Murphy

Joni is on very friendly terms with Milo but tends to avoid him as others do. When asked if she'd like to sit beside him, Joni politely declined, stating that she'd just gotten the cast off from last time. She nearly declined Zack's invitation to go to Milo's birthday party on grounds that it would be too dangerous but decided to go anyway.


Season 1


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“Milo: Hey Joni, want to sit with us?

Joni: Hey Milo! I just got the cast off from last time...”
—Joni and Milo[source]

“Joni: Won't it be dangerous?

Zack: You're a hundred feet underwater right now, swimming with eels.

Joni: What's your point?”
—Joni about going to Milo's birthday party[source]

“Joni: Its got my ponytail!

Karo: Joni. That’s just a pencil sharpener.

Joni: Oh.”
—Joni and Karo[source]

“Joni, watch out for the — Okay, never mind.”
—Principle Milder[source]


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