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Joni portrait
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Friends and Family
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "The Undergrounders" (cameo)
Voiced by:
Phoebe S. Hughes

Joni first appeared in The Undergrounders among other students in the subway station.

In Rooting for the Enemy, Milo greets her at the football game and asks if she wants to sit with him and Melissa, but she declines, mentioning that she only recently got the cast off from her last interaction with him. She was then hit by a football, which went unnoticed by them.

Later, in The Substitute she appears during the Sentient Blob chase. She is scared at first because she believes the Blob took her ponytail, but realizes it was just stuck in a pencil sharpener and calmed down. She gets scared again when the monster uses the pencil sharpener to pull and cut her ponytail.


Joni has green eyes and brown hair she wears tied into a ponytail with a green hair band. She wears turquoise earrings, a light green tank top and a pale green skirt with vertical grey stripes. Her shoes are light grey over dark grey loafers.


Season 1


Joni Gallery
The image gallery for Joni may be viewed here.


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