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The Jefferson County Middle School Geckos are the sports teams for Jefferson County Middle School.


In Rooting for the Enemy, their football team faced the Middletown Tigers, who had held back it's best players for six years so they could enter much older players into the competition. But the Geckos were able to beat them 43 to 42 due to Milo joining the Tiger's fans and Murphy's Law affecting the Tiger's team instead of the Geckos.

Team Members

  • 2, Unkown
  • 3, Nick
  • 7, Mort
  • 8, Geoffrey
  • 16, Karo
  • 16, Jim
  • 18, Emery
  • 19, Zack
  • 22, Matt
  • 31, Wally
  • 34, Vincent
  • 40, Peter
  • 42, Patrick
  • 55, Alex
  • 81, Casey
  • 85, Chad
  • 89, Ed
  • 90, Kris
  • 99, Logan


In Sunny Side Up, a Kickball game is being played near where Mrs. Murawski's science class is testing their egg protection containers. The participants are covered in egg yolk when Big Bertha destroys a delivery truck full of eggs.


In Party of Peril, some students are practicing basketball while Zack is handing out invites to Milo's party.

Team Members

  • Carl
  • Logan


In Athledecamathalon, five students competed against the Middletown Middle School Middlemen, lead by Wendy, in the unique title event. The Geckos were able to win against the more prepared Middlemen as they had experience dealing with Murphy's Law and the unexpected. Therefore they were able to cope better when the athletics field was destroyed.

Team Members


In Athledecamathalon, it's seen during the 80s that Martin played in the Jefferson County Middle School soccer team and was able to win a game 1-0 when Murphy's Law incapacitated all other players.

Team Members