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Jefferson County Middle School
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Vital statistics
Type School
Level Unknown
Location Danville
Inhabitants Unknown
Jefferson County Middle School is a middle school in Danville attended by Milo Murphy. It is the home of the Geckos.




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  • The school was built in 1964.



Ms. Murawski's Room


Ms. Murawski's room features a skeleton nicknamed "Boney Boy" (not a figure, as shown in "Backward to School Night"), a poster reading "Science Rules!", a desk that she made herself and seems to have a romantic relationship with that was , first aid kits, and a closet.

Appearances: "Sunny Side Up", "The Substitute", "The Math Book","Missing Milo", "Disaster of My Dreams", "Backward to School Night"



The gymnasium is where pep rallies are held.

Appearances: "Rooting for the Enemy"

Kyle Drako's Room

10 Abraham Lincoln

Mr. Drako's room has pictures of his Ex-wife Agnes, covered with sheets. Besides that, his classroom looks mundane with a few unknown items in the back of the room.

Appearances: "Athledecamathalon"

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