With a suit of armour

I Want A Girl With A Suit Of Armor is a song from the episode Secrets and Pies. It is performed with a hard rock/bebop style similar to that of "The Ramones". The subject of the song is Veronica.


I want a girl with a suit of armor.
In chainmail she's a real renaissance driver.
She's not the kind of girl who is easily rattled.
She knows her way around a broadsword battle.
I want a girl in a suit of armor now!


In chain mail2
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Play the A - C - A part with full down/up stokes being sure to get the high notes to ring loud ending with a single stroke on the A.
When strumming the no chord part keep your fingers in the A chord position, just barely touching the strings and let the 5th and 7th fret harmonics ring through the string clicks.
Play the D - E part with one down stroke and let it sustain till the next chord change. Veronica' song

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