Elliot Decker
Gender: Male
Age: Two Years Older then Sara Murphy (19-20)
Nemesis: Milo Murphy
Zack Underwood
Melissa Chase
Professional Information
  Volunteer School Crossing Guard
Friends and Family
Ms.Decker (mother)
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "The Note"
Voiced by:
Christian Slater

Elliot Decker hates Milo Murphy. He is a volunteer school crossing guard who is always on the look-out for Milo.

He is voiced by Christian Slater.


Elliot is one of the many people who are aware of Milo's reputation for experiencing extreme misfortunes. However, unlike most people (who are civil towards Milo), Elliot acts very hostile towards Milo, believing him to be a 'danger' to Danville. He is also arrogant, stating that he's doing his duty as an enforcer for public safety, despite his job as a volunteer crossing guard.

Elliot is very delusional and obsessed with watching what Milo is trying to do, even putting Milo's name on the back side of his stop sign to mean business. Even when being called out by an angry Melissa for his controlling behavior, Elliot justifies it by bragging that it's his job to 'protect' Danville from Milo and that he'll always have his eyes on him no matter what. He is a self-proclaimed Safety Tsar.

He says he sleeps very restlessly and is shown to sleep with his stop sign. ("The Note", "World Without Milo")


Elliot is a tall man with an auburn mullet and a pointed nose. He wears a yellow vest with reflective stripes over a light blue short sleeved button up shirt. He wears black jeans and grey sneakers. He always wears sunglasses.

Because he always wears sunglasses his eyes are rarely visible, though when they are they appear to be dark brown.


He stopped Milo and his friends before they crossed the street to school. After they found Milo's doctor's note he was accidentally disintegrated by agents, much to the confusion of the trio. He was then reintegrated along with numerous astronauts ("The Note").

He was called by Melissa to stall Milo, leading him to be assaulted by a duck and hit with two tires. ("Party of Peril")

He was chased again by the Party of Peril duck, leading him across the stage of the Danville Opera House ("Smooth Opera-tor").

He was startled by a giant mutated rat coming out of the ground. However, Brick and Savannah quickly erased this timeline ("Time Out").

His scream is heard when he was nearly hit by a runaway antique fire engine. ("The Little Engine That Couldn't")

He tried to stop Sara, Melissa, and Zack from running, but he hastily leaves when he sees a time portal open in front of him ("Missing Milo").

Despite the fact his uniform was fake and he had a bar of soap for his walkie-talkie, he acted as Tobias Trollhammer's bodyguard, preventing Milo from getting through until he was attacked by ducks ("Star Struck").

He went on a trial period for Jefferson County Middle School as their new safety monitor but spent the entire day following Milo around rather than inspecting the school ("Disaster of My Dreams").

In World Without Milo, he wishes Milo never existed after being fed up with Murphy's Law. He gets his wish but soon realizes he is nothing without Milo. He then meets up with Vinnie Dakota and Balthazar Cavendish, who bring Milo back into existence, with multiple Milos ("World Without Milo").

He followed a runaway truck and found Milo and Zack in it. The truck rolled away again and he followed before he flew off his bike and into a tree. He caught up with them at Jefferson County Middle School, exhausted, and scared Milo, Melissa, and Sara, but not Zack. He complimented Marcus Underwood on his costume ("Milo Murphy's Halloween Scream-a-Torium!").


Milo Murphy

Main Article: Elliot and Milo's Relationship

Elliot views Milo as a threat to Danville. He sees himself as the city's safety net from Murphy's Law.

Episodes Appeared

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Season Two


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  • Elliot constantly refers to himself as a safety czar rather than a crossing guard.
    • Czar is a title of Slavic (Eastern European) kings, hinting that he sees himself as the king of safety. It could also be a hint at possible Slavic ancestry.
  • In World Without Milo he states that While Sara Murphy was a sophomore he was a senior, making him about two years older than her. This would place his age at late teens or early twenties.
  • He sleeps with his STOP sign, which is made out of lead.
  • He possibly appreciates musicals, considering his numbers in Disaster of My Dreams and World Without Milo.
  • His name may possibly be a reference to Elliot Alderson, the main protagonist of Mr. Robot, in which Christian Slater co-stars as the titular character.
  • He has his own Strawberry Waffles. In the week of "The Note", they are half-priced.
  • Much like Bradley Nicholson, his antagonistic relationship with Milo is one-sided on his part.
  • In The Note, he had a button advertising strawberry waffles on his vest.



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