Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Nemesis: Milo Murphy
Zack Underwood
Melissa Chase
Professional Information
  Volunteer School Crossing Guard
Friends and Family
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "The Note"
Voiced by:
Christian Slater

Elliot Decker is the arch-nemesis of Milo Murphy. He is a volunteer school crossing guard who is always on the look-out for Milo.

He is voiced by Christian Slater.


Elliot is one of the many people who is aware of Milo's reputation of experiencing extreme misfortunes. However, unlike most people (who are civil towards Milo), Elliot acts very hostile towards Milo, believing him to be a 'danger' to Swamp City. He is also arrogant, stating that he's doing his duty as an enforcer for public safety, despite his job as a volunteer crossing guard.

Elliot is very delusional and obsessed in watching what Milo is trying to do, even putting Milo's name on the back side of his stop sign to mean business. Even when being called out by an angry Melissa for his controlling behavior, Elliot justifies it by bragging that it's his job to 'protect' Swamp City from Milo, and that he'll always have his eyes on him no matter what. He is the self-proclaimed Safety Czar.

He says he sleeps very restlessly.


Elliot is a tall man with an auburn mullet and a pointed nose.

He wears a yellow vest with reflective stripes over a light blue t-shirt. He wears black jeans and grey sneakers.

He always wears sunglasses.

Episodes Appeared





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