Eileen Underwood
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Gender: Female
Professional Information
Friends and Family
Marcus Underwood
Zack (son)

Two more unnamed sons

Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "Worked Day"
Voiced by:
Vanessa Williams
Milo: Hi Zack's mom!

Eileen: Please, just call me Dr. Zack's mom.

— Milo greeting Eileen, Worked Day

Eileen Underwood is Zack's mother and Marcus Underwood's wife. She works as a doctor at the hospital.

She is voiced by Vanessa Williams.

Physical Appearance

Eileen has dark skin and long, thick black hair tied back with a pale purple band. She wears a pair of wire frame glasses and round gold earrings.

When at work, she wears a knee-length white doctors coat with pockets on either side over some blue scrubs. Her sneakers are white with grey soles, and she wears a stethoscope around her neck.

Off-duty, Eileen wears a very light purple blazer over a black undershirt, which is tucked into her high-waisted pants. Her belt is a slightly darker purple with a thin, oval-shaped buckle, and she wears a pair of dark dress shoes with a bit of a heel.


In Worked Day her son's class came to the hospital, where Murphy's law takes effect and turns an MRI into a super magnet that attracts all metal the city.

In Murphy's Lard, she is seen in a flashback with her husband and son in a pontoon in the Saskatchewan River where Zack freaks out and jumps out of the boat when a fish lands by him.

In Perchance to Sleepwalk she and her husband were in a spa while their son and his friends went camping.

In Backward to School Night, she attends the Jefferson County Middle School back to school night. She, along with her son's teacher and his friend's fathers, turn into toddlers and run while with the middle schoolers trying to keep them inline. She and the others eventually return to their actual ages and reminisce when their children sleep.

In Milo Murphy's Halloween Scream-a-Torium! she is seen in a flashback of her pregnancy with Zack. Her husband scares their unborn child during an ultrasound.

In A Christmas Peril, she and her husband go to a Chinese restaurant at the mall and have a meal with the Murphys, the Chases, Mort and Amanda.


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  • She prefers to be called Dr. Zack's Mom by Zack's peers.




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